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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Spiritual awakening, why is it important to forgive others and how to do it

During the spiritual awakening, all the blockages and hurt of the past come out for healing. The negative energy which has been accumulated into you for so many years of life experiences, finally has to come out.

Once we enter the awakening, it is very easy for us to realize most of our past relationships have been karmic, abusive and toxic. We have been used, stabbed in the back. The pain experienced with the karmic partners, has left its own marks on our soul, triggering low vibrations such as hate, anger, jealousy and fear.

When life is lived through low frequencies, deep unhappiness is manifested in the third dimension. Revenge may sound sweet in the beginning, when accomplished it is going to bring more chaos into your life, more suffering. 

The true purpose of the awakening is the discover of the true essence of the soul, unconditional love. Experiencing myself such high frequency, I can tell it is the best feeling ever. The first time you experience inner peace, you never want to quit it!

Although there have been many to wrong you in the past, the main reason you should forgive them is to protect what you have achieved so far in the spiritual journey. Hurting them back is going to result in you hurting yourself. Your inner peace is what you should focus on, inner happiness can be achieved only by working from within.

First you have to realize the importance of balanced energies, it is the inner balance which is going to bring calmness to your life. But how can one forgive those who did hurt to them?

Understand why they wronged you

People hurt mainly to seek external security, fake worth. It is their insecurities transmitted through low vibrations which give birth to toxic actions, trying to hurt vulnerable victims. The desire to wrong others comes from the unhealed pain of the past experiences, it is something which is born while the attacker suffers from deep unhappiness.

If the persons who made you go through hell in the past did know the true essence of their soul back then, no miserable experience would have happened.

Understand all happens for a reason

All the experiences you have been going through or still are, no matter how tough or painful they are, happen for a bigger purpose, a sacred one. As souls, we plan all kind of spiritual struggles before incarnating here on planet Earth, to learn from opposites. Most of the suffering serves a great purpose for the soul, it is its way to remember the true essence.

Work from within

When in deep sleep, people think their life can be changed by doing work on the outer reality, it is their ego telling so. The awakening helped me understand deeply what is responsible for attracting certain experiences in life, it is the inner energies. For us to cut connection with people who have hurt us in the past, it is required that we use our soul to heal itself. 

Forgive yourself

Understanding life and others is done through experiences we go through. To forgive someone for all the wrongness they did to you, it is a must that you take it easy on yourself for all the pain you brought to others.

Forgive yourself, heal and move on.

Focus on self development and spiritual growth

The journey on Earth your soul decided to experience is about its own growth; I highly recommend you use all the experiences to your own benefit, no matter how small it may look in the beginning. Been through hell myself, in the beginning I was fighting the process of the wake up as the soul was blinded by the illusions the ego told it. Looking for solution outside of self, hopeless and drained, I was getting lost in the matrix more and more until the moment to face my true self came.

Now I try to improve myself everyday!

You deserve unconditional love

All the people who tried to put you down constantly to make themselves feel good in the ego based reality, taught you a great lesson, to accept yourself without conditions. Unconditional love is what you are dear soul, everything else is energy in different shapes. In other words, a big illusion. Remember who you truly are and embrace it everyday in the physical plane we live in.

Final thoughts

Regretting past life experiences where hurt was involved, does no help to anyone, it only brings back low vibrations which contribute in creation of toxic realities. Hurting others back, not only does not contribute to your inner growth, but it also helps the matrix victimize you again.

Remember who you are kind soul.

Please feel free to follow me for spiritual wisdom or help on my personal facebook profile. I have been going through spiritual awakening for quite some time, where I did get burn, you don't have to.
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