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Monday, August 28, 2017


She is selling her virginity to the highest bider

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It is really weird what people are doing nowadays to get fast money without even moving a finger. As the outdated templates get deleted due to the mass spiritual awakening humanity is going through, many exposed their true desires to the public without the minimum fear of being judged.

Such case is that of a young girl who has made her offer of selling her virginity for a minimum of one million euros public on a famous TV show. When asked why, the 18-year-old Alexandra has responded that she needs the money for attending University of Oxford and buying her parents a decent home.

Although virginity should be shared with the one you love, financial struggle is forcing many women to take tough decisions so they can make their dreams come true. Not that I do support her, but for sure I can not judge her.

Pretty Alexandra is very confident in her decision. She is approaching her desire bravely, without any worries about safety during the sex.

For most of the people what she is doing  is a shameful thing to do,  virginity is a very precious thing to a women, which she should give to the man she loves not the one who offers the most money.

Personally I do think the young women has gone really far with her action of wanting to sell her body for one million euros as to me the most important thing in this lifetime is inner happiness. Instead of her appearing on television with the main purpose of attracting wealthy men to buy her body,  she should try to help herself by working.

Even simple jobs, there is no shame in it.

What do you guys think, please let us know in the comments section.

The following is a short interview of Alexandra where she discusses her decision with the two interviewers of the famous english show, This Morning.

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