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Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Man eats electricity instead of food

A man from Utash India, courageous and fearless of what people call danger, eats electricity instead of food. It is the power of such technology which recharges the brave man with energy, the same as the meals help us in our daily activities.

Naresh Kumar, the man behind such crazy experience, pretends he is the Human Light Bulb, as he is the only one in the world who feeds off electric energy. He also claims that his body is able to withstand a current of 1100 volts which is fatal for any human being.

"When I'm hungry... and food meal isn't ready... I eat electricity.", says the weirdo during the interview . 

According to his wife, her husband is very skilled when it comes to repairing electric equipment of the house, from simple to the advanced ones. With this being said, she must be truly happy for having such a special person in her life.

The following is a footage which we have linked from Youtube for you guys to watch and enjoy the experiment of the 42 year old man with his own body.

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