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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Lightworker tells Lord Rothschild people do not fear the New World Order

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Lord Rothschild is a wealthy investment banker, born in an aristocratic family which is be said to have ruled the entire world for centuries through dirty monetary politics. Born in 1936, now the man is worth about 5 billion us dollars. Not only the 4th Baron Rothschild is rich as hell, but he also holds a lot of different awards in continents such as Europe, USA  and Great Britain.

Different sources, serious and professional about their job, say Lord Rothschild and his family are part of the secret group who is pushing the entire globe to the New World Order. Although there is not enough proof of such activity of his, darkness which his aura radiates around those who stay around him is really scary. As a lightworker, when picking up energies from the photo shown above I can truly say the man has no soul.

When confronted by the guys of on the topic of  the NWO, Lord Rothschild did keep a kind of calmness only those who have reached the inner peace can achieve. If the 4th Baron is not part of any agenda which has the mission to enslave the masses through different forms, why didn't he say something?!

The good thing is that the humanity is waking up from the deep sleep where the fear rules, such awakening is important for the evolution of planet Earth to higher frequencies as it exposes the darkness of the matrix. Only if we let illusions control ourselves, the 'devils' can accomplish their objective of putting the entire humans under the control of a few.

We Are Change is an independent media organisation run by journalists, activists and freedom fighters from any corner of the world, with the main mission of exposing the darkness of the corrupted system. By asking the questions which the mainstream media fears, concerned citizens who are part of this freedom movement, contribute in enlightening those who still live in darkness.

The following is the video material where Lord Rothschild has been confronted by the guys of We Are Change, let us know your opinions on it in the comments section.

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