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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lightworker spits truth, there has always been a cure for cancer

A lightworker, popular on Youtube for sharing his pure wisdom with the main mission of enlightening humanity so it wakes up, has exposed some darkness which is responsible for the death of  7.6 million people worldwide every year. According to him, there has always been a cure for curing cancer, but the multi billion dollar industry which profits from people who get sick with the fatal disease has no interest on letting the masses know about it.

It is all about money to the people in power as it is this tool how they keep control of  'zombies' who still live a life far away from love and light. By promoting cash as our savior, the evil rich, create the illusion of separation to keep us divided. The ones who are awake do realize they ain't got true power, it is the fear in us which keeps them at the 'top'.

"We constantly hold fundraisers, events in hopes that the research money will find some cure that's working with the same means as the western science has been using. The thing is though that we really know how to cure cancer, that's not even like a speculative statement. It's completely true because if you know what cancer is, is something that we get every single day, but our body fights it off", says the white warrior in his video.

Based on the content about cancer which this indigo child has uploaded on his channel, food is one of the most important factors, directly responsible for our health. The truth is that we should focus on ourselves, working from within so we can improve our health.

"We are what we eat", says the lightworker on his video. The following material is where you can get the entire spiritual wisdom being shared by the young bright teenager.

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