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Friday, August 11, 2017

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Lightworker on adoptive mom abandoning baby after seeing her face

Little babies are innocent creatures, full of unconditional love which everyone on this planet likes to receive. I remember as a kid being around so many angels, the energy was so calm and addictive. Although babies radiate pure light, some people are so cruel at their heart they know no mercy. The story of Abigail Lynn, a baby born with a rare genetic condition which does not allow further development of her facial features, is a real proof to the existence of negative people.

Poor Abigail was left in hospital for adoption by her mother after she gave birth to her, due to the financial struggle she was facing. Struggle of the innocent soul did not end up with the first 'abandonment' by the biological mother as the women who was going to adopt her, left the hospital after seeing the baby's face.

How can one be so heartless to an earth angel?

As an advanced spiritual being living a human experience here on mother Earth, it is easier to understand that horrible actions towards the angel shown above, come from the fact they don't love themselves without conditions. If you have not accepted yourself from within, how can you accept another one?!

The good news is that after hearing such news, the biological mother went to the hospital to take care of Abigail and bring her child home. Such experience was probably a test from the Universe with the pain purpose of proving the unconditional love of a mother to her child.

There are big reasons for the little angel to incarnate on the physical plane with certain facial features that are not considered as cute or normal in the world we live in right now. As far as my experiences on this planet allow me to see, I can tell she is in here to teach us unconditional love.

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