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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Lightworker exposing blue whale suicide game

Blue Whale is an online game which is getting a lot of attention for the fact it has taken lives of so many teenagers who played it. The game consists of specific daily tasks which the victim should accomplish and send proof to the administrators who give the instructions on the internet via web chat applications or social networks such as According to different blogs, the one who participates in such game has no right to go back; at the end death is for sure.

Although as lightworkers we do view a world full of light, there is so much darkness going on in the planet. While we work on white energies, there is so many dark souls out there doing all kinds of crazy ugly things to feed their ego. A perfect example of a dark warrior, is that of Philip Budeikin, a 22 year old russian who has gone viral on the internet for his suicidal game, the Blue Whale.

According to popular media sources, the game is responsible for the death of more than 100 teenagers in Russia. When reading such stuff, you do feel sorry for the lost souls which 'evil' Budeikin exploited through his psychological game. It is really crazy when you think what the human is capable of doing when far from love and light.


On the photo shared above, those who can pick up energies from photos can easily spot the creator, as he has no soul on his eyes, probably possessed by some dark entities. The victim, covered by blood, has gone through a lot of suffering during his death while playing Blue Whale. Media outlets report him to be a spanish citizen.

People from all over the world have fallen prey of the evil matrix as the death game has been spread across the internet, attracting vulnerable people to play it.

How does it work?

Different cases of people found dead by playing Blue Whale, prove the evil mastermind is not alone in his mission of massive killing through psychological genocide. Many administrators, who have probably studied the game directly from their master, target suicidal groups on social networks as the probability of finding possible players in such online gatherings is really high.

Once the person with the highest chance of joining the game is being identified, he or she get messaged by an admin with the purpose of getting introduced to the game. Then the administrator informs the person who wants to play that there is no going back and only by experiencing death is possible to win.

Brainwashing technique is being used since in the beginning of the conversation between the future victim and one of so many administrators of the Blue Whale through the vibration of fear. Using such low frequency, the dark souls who run the game transmit arbitrary commands to the players, exploiting and forcing them at the end of the game to kill themselves.

According to investigation by different people, when the administrator is being asked what happens if they leave the game, he has responded that they will come after you. Such answer, if processed in low vibrations far from love, takes the power from the lost souls and gives it to the game. Pure psychological pressure can be really dangerous for the player when he or she has been dealing with suicidal thoughts, that's why the game works.

1. Identification of the victim.

As the humanity evolves to higher frequencies, people go through a lot of struggle as the ego triggers them through many different illusions. Low vibrations such as fear, anger, hate and jealousy have taken control of most of the people experiencing life on Earth plane right now, especially the teens. Suffering from deep depression due to karmic romantic relationships, identity crisis or both, youngsters start to look for a savior outside of themselves. And when this savior does not show up they tend to keep stuff to themselves, enter a dark period where only by hurting themselves they can feel something.

During the spiritual awakening it got so dark for me I did not know who I was anymore, nothing was making sense, so I wanted to hurt myself. That's why I do understand the kids who play this game.

Identification of the players is done through the following:

  • Depressive posts on social media such as tumblr, facebook, etc.
  • Suicidal groups the person has joined
  • Energy pickup from photos on the internet
2. Contact of the victim and implementation of fear.

Once the possible player has been identified on social media, they are probably being contacted by an administrator to get introduced to the game. Due to popularity the Blue Whale is getting, lately many teenagers contact the admins directly by themselves, telling them they want to play the game.

At first, when chatting with the admin about the game, they try to implement deep fear on the player through sentences which hold low vibrations such as "they will come after you if you quit", "they will kill your family".

3. Penetration and exploitation of the victim

Once the first two phases have passed, the player is given daily tasks to accomplish such as hitting themselves, waking up at 4 in the morning, drawing the blue whale on their own skin by using a needle, eating only meat and many others. Each time a task is being completed successfully, the one who is playing the game is obligated to send back proof to the administrator through digital material such as images or videos.

    Image source:

By hurting themselves, the ones who have entered a period of deep darkness in their own life, they start to feel 'alive'. So they get addicted to the game as they want to feel 'alive' again.

4. Fatal death

All the daily instructions sent by the admin to the player are programmed in such a way to make the victim totally lose connection to their true self, to fall prey of darkness. At the end, the player is being asked to jump off some high building to end their life.

Why do people play it?

The darkness which the humanity is going on right now, only those who have reached unconditional love can handle without pain, as they live a soul based life instead of an ego based one. So many souls are lost, hopeless to move forward. Some feel the kind of pain which is responsible for attracting the dark night of the soul, an experience where soul has to fight with the ego.

Unfortunately not all are strong enough to surrender to the process of learning unconditional love of self, some can not handle the struggle so they find ways to leave the Earth plane. One of them is through playing Blue Whale.

Can they be saved? Of course! In this life you can save only yourself, but the soul is able to understand through experiences, by staying close to people who are going through so much right now, and supporting them on their journey, it is possible to enlighten their path.

I am helping so many people right for the fact that I have walked where they're are walking right now, so I can guide their steps.

Is there any solution to this problem?

While many countries think to ban the game, that sounds impossible to me. The fact that the game has gone viral across the internet, is a clear argument why Blue Whale can not be wiped out. You can not ban the internet.

People tend to see the solutions to their problems outside of themselves, this way they get lost in infinite illusions. Since parents are being worried constantly for their kids falling victims of such game, the existence of Blue Whale and its results should be taken as a lesson by the entire humanity.

Everything happens for a reason. Souls who lost their physical shell while playing the Blue Whale, were deeply unhappy with their lives, looking for love outside of themselves.

The first lesson which parents and school should teach to kids is how to love themselves without conditions. Energy should be focused on the frequency of pure love, it is the only way to have a healthy society. We learn all about others when attending school, but we don't learn shit about ourselves.

Knowledge of self is truly important when it comes to self development. If the victims of Budeikin had learned how to love themselves without conditions by their teachers, parents or both, none of the tragic stuff would have happened.

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