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Monday, August 7, 2017


Latest model of Toyota Camry 2018 will run linux

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Toyota Camry dates back since 1982, manufactured and sold internationally by the giant japanese automaker, Toyota. Originally being designed with a narrow body, the latest versions are getting wider, following the industrial trends. Based on wikipedia, the name of the car comes from the japanese word kanmuri, meaning "crown".

Lately linux is penetrating the automobile industry through an open source project known as Automotive Grade Linux which has the purpose of supporting the future of connected cars. Such project, which is a division in the Linux Foundation, has found great support by one of the biggest automakers to be known in the car industry, Toyota.

According to credible internet sources, the latest model of Toyota Camry is going to have a customized implementation of AGL in its infotainment system. The linux kernel is going to be responsible for the Camry's entertainment system as well as gps data, usb, wifi and bluetooth connectivity. As a linux user myself, it makes me really happy to see a project which started really humble making it to industrial giants.

AGL is the result of more than 100 engineers from various companies such as Samsung, Toyota, Intel,  Qualcomm, Honda and Mercedes with the main purpose of offering open source solutions to the existing closed ones offered by Google and Apple. Companies or individuals have the right to download the project for free and customize it to their specific needs.

For those interested on such cool project, the source code for download entirely free can be found through this link.

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