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Thursday, August 3, 2017

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How to open .epub files on Windows for free

Ebooks on internet come on different formats, most of them in pdf which is a very popular file format people use to share electronic documents. It happens that publishers don't use all the time pdf to distribute their content to the consumer, leaving the end user stuck in front of the computer. Most of the Windows operating system users, familiar with Adobe Reader, are not able to open EPUB files they download online.

The web is full of tutorials, useful to the average geek. On the other hand, the normal user struggles with the instructions written by technical bloggers on their sites. The purpose of this material is to help even the beginner user to open their filename.epub in the easiest way possible, free of charge.

EPUB, what is it?

EPUB is a format standard which defines how digital publications and electronic documents should be distributed or interchanged on the internet through a single file. It defines a means of packaging, encoding and representing HTML5, CSS, SVG, images and other resources. In short words it is widely used by publishers to distribute their content.

You need a specific software to open EPUB files

To open .epub files on your Windows computer without paying a dime, it is needed that we download an open source software known as Calibre which offers a free solution to our problem. Created for the purpose of managing ebook collections, such software also offers an ebook reader which supports the file format we are having problem with.

Download calibre for your own operating system and install it

1. Go to calibre download section through this link.

2. If you system type is 64bit, choose Windows 64bit; else just Windows.

3. If you don't know how to check your system type then visit our tutorial on how to find it.

4. Right click on the downloaded file and then click on Install.

5. Run.

6. The license agreement will come up, read it and click on I accept the terms in the License Agreement.

7. It should look like the following.

8. Click on Install.

9. If everything goes Ok then you should see the following.

10. A small box will appear if you want to truly run the program, click on Run.

11. Wait while the Setup Wizard installs calibre on your machine.

12. Click on Finish.

13. Wait for calibre to launch automatically, then choose a location where you want to store your ebooks. I recommend leaving it as default by clicking on Next.

14. Leave it as Generic, we just want to open the .epub file.

15. Click on Finish.

16. Let the calibre open.

Finally, open the .epub file

1. Click on Add books.

2. Once the book is added, then double click on it. The ebook viewer, part of calibre, will make it possible for you to open the .epub file.

13. Enjoy the document.

Final thoughts

As promised in the beginning of this tutorial, we opend the .epub file on Windows through an open source software which is free of charge. If there is any problem, please feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to help.

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