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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Guy gets angel wing implants

Due to the frequency update which humanity is going through, many people are feeling comfortable in experimenting with plastic surgery, getting the body features they always wanted. Some decide to go really far, and they do. That's the case of the human Ken doll Justin Jedlica, who has gone under the knife for the 192nd time, not fearing death as he wants to be 100 percent plastic.

"I wanted to get latissimal implants because I get to be a pioneer in the field and sort of like, toot my own horn that I'm the first and that it looks good on top of it", said Jedlica after the operation which was the first of its own kind.

The following is one of his photos while Justin was getting ready for the surgery to plant the wings on his shoulders.

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The young guy is well known on the media for his appearance as with the help of modern plastic surgery, he has managed to look like the Ken doll, fictional boyfriend of Barbie doll.

It is really weird to see such stuff happening for real, sometimes it feels like everything has got out of control. People do crazy things to boost their self esteem, to seek attention. As a light being I do find such stuff really dysfunctional, but I don't judge anyone.

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