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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Fire can not burn this Yogi

Where I am from our ancestors say never play with fire, you can get burned. Although this is true for most of the people living on the Earth plane, an indian man known as Rambhau Swami, has proved such old proverb to be false.

The old man has a special gift, he can easily unite with fire in a friendly way due to a special breathing technique being mastered by him after many years of practice. According to different sites on the blogosphere, Rambhau sleeps only three hours at night. His food diet consists in a banana, a glass of milk and a few drops of water. It is still a mystery how the spiritual guru has managed to make it so far in a very healthy state with a very little amount of food and water which he consumes daily.

As the humanity is awakening to its true essence, super natural is becoming a normal thing for many who are spiritually evolved to a certain level. While many may think his performance to be false and manipulative, as an awake soul I highly respect his craft.

Based on some research I did on the internet, when entering the fire, the old Yogi is in a meditative state. From what I have observed from the video which shows his performance, Rambhau is truly confident about what he does, like fire is his friend.

A yogi (sometimes spelled jogi) is a practitioner of yoga. In Vedic Sanskrit, yoga (from the root yuj) means "to add", "to join", "to unite", or "to attach" in its most common literal sense, where in recent days, especially in the West, yoga often refers to physical exercises only. The term yogi is used broadly to refer to sannyasi or practitioners of meditation in a number of Indian religions. The feminine form is yogini, but is not always used, especially in the West.

The following is a short video from which you can view his performance, observe and analyse by yourself.

In case you want to watch the full documentary which has been produced and published about the Fire Yogi, then visit the following video.

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