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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Crying during the spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is an experience which helps the one who goes through it remember the true essence of their soul, a tough journey only few are lucky to walk during this lifetime. Although it brings a tremendous positive change in someone's life, a lot of pain comes with it. Such struggle comes due to the fight of the soul with the ego, the programmed mind which has been prey of the outdated templates fights back anytime you try to come up as who you truly are.

At some point of the awakening, the one who experiences it will feel like they are going crazy as everything of the old world does not match the updated frequency anymore. When feelings of abandonment, being worthless attack the soul, tears come out. Hot tears...

Since a kid,  each one of us is kinda programmed to be strong in the eyes of others no matter the pain as weakness is viewed as something which can lead to exploitation of the one showing it. Being raised in such a dysfunctional way, all the emotions that have not been released through tears create certain blockages that we carry within us until the moment for healing comes.

When such moment comes, everything comes to light. What was being accumulated for a long time, comes out for purging. It is normal for one to cry during the spiritual awakening, as during such experience all the hurt in the past goes away.

From all the conversations I have had with people who are going through the awakening right now, all of them cry often, to be more correct it is daily. None is scared of such stuff as they know all happens for a reason, through tears we do release all the negative emotions.

Although I have achieved a high level of consciousness, there is so much stuff which I need to purge as I am not perfect. So I cry too. I have cried a lot the last five years. And so much negative energy has left out my body, opening space for positive vibrations such as self worth, self loveinner happiness and other 5D stuff.

The following is a photo of mine when my twinflame was being cold to me and feeling of abandonment was being experienced on my side.

Lets do a brief analysis based on my personal experience of why one cries a lot during their spiritual awakening, for the purpose of giving the topic a more concrete view. 

Realization of self worth

During the spiritual awakening one realizes their true worth, all the projections of the ego of what one should accomplish in order to feel good with themselves get cleansed. Such big achievement comes with a lot of struggle, as the soul starts to realize its true essence the mind gets triggered by the outdated templates. It is the different triggers which bring the kind of pain that is responsible for the hot tears.

As you step forward in the awakening, many people will try to reflect their insecurities into you so they can feel worthy of themselves. Some may even trigger the negative emotions, make you cry.

Cry... Cry again. It is a way to heal.

Depending on the local matrix in which you belong, your story of realizing the self worth may be different than mine or that of others. I did fail at university, had my father telling me I am worth nothing everyday. Such stuff was necessary as it was needed for me to experience feelings of being worthless, only when you deal with being nobody in the society you can truly understand the inner worth.

Past hurt

The accumulation of past hurt is responsible for the existing karmic links one has to experience in the now. It creates a certain frequency which attracts more similar stuff. Pain which comes from the hurt of the past is mainly expressed through anger, that's why there is a lot of anger issues during the awakening as all of it comes out for healing.

Right now I am dealing with a lot of abandonment feelings as my twinflame is going through some really hard time and she is not accepting to talk with me. The feeling of abandonment comes from my childhood as my parents probably have not given me the unconditional love I did deserve. Such stuff is happening so I can access my inner child and heal the wounds myself.

We choose our parents with the main purpose of experiencing soul growth, all that they do to us is for a good reason. Although it is hard to deal in the beginning due to our ego, crying helps a lot to release the tension within us which comes from the past.

Cry, forgive and heal.

Realization of unconditional love

We are born full of unconditional love, then later we are being programmed to look for love outside of ourselves. The relationships we do experience, be it romantic or not, bring a lot of pain to us as it is needed for the spiritual growth which we decided to experience here on mother Earth.

To realize the unconditional love from within, one has to deal with a lot of rejection. It is the meeting of a false twinflame which helped me realize the pure love that I am. The rejection by her caused so many tears, but now I do understand such experience was needed to help me love myself without conditions.

Final thoughts

Crying in front of others is considered weakness, it is the templates of the matrix which give this kind of interpretation. Raised by a military man, I have always been taught to be strong. It is the spiritual awakening which helped me to understand that crying is a normal thing to do for which we should not feel any kind of shame.

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