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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Complete signs you are a twinflame based on my personal experience, first part

The twiflame topic is getting a lot of popularity in the online spiritual communities as the awakening is helping souls on earth to realize their true essence. Due to the karmic relationships they have experienced in the past, they now desire a conscious one as the updated frequency does not match the outdated reality. While many write about twinsouls, not all of them have been through the experiences themselves, so their words are not truly felt.

All my spiritual journey started back in 2011, when I did see the false twinflame in a dream and then experienced it at the University. The synchronicities were crazy, I used to see her in the dreams and all of them did manifest.

By the way, there is a false twinflame and the true one. The purpose of the fake twinsoul is to prepare you spiritually for the true one.

As most of you reading this article may know, a twinsoul is a soul which splits into two souls and incarnates on earth in two different physical bodies mostly with different cultural backgrounds, so it can prove to the humanity unconditional love exists. Before the physical union in the third dimension, both of the twins have to realize the love comes from within; so they can put away differences which come from the ego that projects illusions into us.

What are signs that you may be a twinflame here on planet Earth?

You are born awake

Twinflames, just like children who come from higher dimensions such as indigos, crystals and rainbows, are born with knowledge about their mission here on Earth. They deeply feel since kids that there is someone special out there for them, the same.  

I remember when I used to come back from school by bus at night, anytime I did see the moon, I used to think of her

You don't like relationships much

Because you are born balanced as a soul, full of sacred knowledge, there is no need of fake relationships to feel complete, as you already are. What other souls have to go through so they can get the lessons, you don't have to as you already got them from past lives here on Earth. Although you don't like them much, it does not mean you don't want to have one, all of this is an experience.

You give unconditional love

The primary mission of the twinflames starts in the childhood, unconditional love is one of the most used tools by the twinsoul to navigate the third dimension. A desire for the unity of humanity  runs deep in your soul, as you don't see the illusions which most of the people fall for such as religion, race, social status and money.

You are an empath

Empaths feel the struggle of others, just like it is theirs. Most of the time they forget to take care of themselves as they are unbalanced, they are more of givers of energy. You have probably been used and manipulated a lot by the souls who viewed your kindness as weakness in your past.

Now that you are awake, you do understand that first you should take care of yourself before helping another one.

You believe in true love

No matter how the evolution of humanity goes, the outer reality can not project illusions to you when it is about love, love is everything to you! As a twinflame you are in here to remember others the true essence of their soul, and that is unconditional love.

You are confident about the journey

Universe does not make mistakes. And as an awake soul who feels connected to everything, you do understand all happens for a reason. The pressure of outdated templates which in the beginning of the awakening did trigger you, now is being discharged on mother Earth due to the growth soul has experienced.

The society pressures you with all kind of fake realities such as marriage, career and social status, but you take the journey easily as you are sure about your mission.

You don't like to play games with your romantic partner

While most are about games in their relationships, your level of consciousness does not match that kind of reality. Because love is what you give, relationships mean a lot to you. They are not just experiences to have mechanical sex, but to grow as a soul. Games during a romantic relationship, are a characteristic of people who have to incarnate again here on Earth to get the lessons required for the advancement of soul growth.

You connect easily with kids and old people

Kids and old people reflect unconditional love, based on the Law Of Attraction, as a twinflame you automatically attract them as you radiate kindness. As an empath you love spending time with these two categories of people, as it is the good heart within you which wants to take care of them. Due to the various experiences you have been in the previous incarnations here on Earth, the soul feels really comfortable around kids and old people.

You are an old soul

You feel the number of incarnations you have been in here through the spiritual knowledge you possess, as it is the different experiences which make the soul grow. Since a little kid you have been way more mature than your friends.

You look like a kid

Although your soul is an ancient one, the physical shell in which you have incarnated matches the imprint of the body of a kid. Many mistake you for being way younger than you are, especially the bodyguards at the night club.

You have incarnated in a dysfunctional environment

Twinflames incarnate in low frequency areas as there is where most of the work should be done to update humanity to high vibrations. The evolution of Earth to higher vibrations should start from the areas which are the most dysfunctional ones. As it is in such zones where very old templates are found, outdated templates rule everything in toxic realities.

Your mission as a twinflame is to prove to the people who still live a third dimensional based life that stuff such race, skin color, social status and wealth are illusions which keep us away from the true essence of our soul. The love both twinflames have for each other, is a reflection of unconditional love which acts as a mirror for other souls to see themselves and realize who they truly are.

You have picked up a dysfunctional family

Most of the twinsouls choose to incarnate on dysfunctional families as they need the right lessons to create a consciousness one. Parents of a twinflame suffer from not loving themselves at all, and they reflect this to their kids though actions. Not that they do this with an intention as they are in deep sleep, but the souls have agreed about such experience which helps both sides in growing.

Final thoughts

The mission of a twinflame here on mother Earth is one of the hardest as it means the update of the outdated templates which have been controlling humanity for so many centuries. Evolution of humanity to higher frequencies requires a lot of positive energy which only unconditional love can offer, so you have to realize your true essence first. Such achievement, comes with a lot of work from the inside, balance is the key. 

In the next part, I am going to share more signs which prove you are a twinflame here on Earth with the mission of replacing dysfunctional patterns with consciousness ones.

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