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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Complete signs you are only a giver based on my personal experience

Givers have many things in common, one which is the most visible is their deep desire to love and be loved without conditions, no matter the type of relationship. I am a giver myself. We do have a tendency which is bad for our inner health as we want to help others even if it means sacrificing energy from ourselves.

Based on my personal experience so far here on planet Earth, I decided to compile a list of signs which show one is only a giver so others can learn more about their true self.

You attract a lot of energy vampires

Your desire to do good to anyone, even to strangers, exposes you to energy vampirism, as energy vampires live by sucking the consciousness of others. Without having a clue what goes on, you get used by these kind of people, it is your goodness which they exploit.

There is no rocket science in understanding the energy loss experienced when being a giver, the pure light emitted by you attracts a lot of vibration suckers.

You always take care of the weak

As a person who lives based on the unconditional love frequency, the suffer of the weak triggers you really bad. Nurturing them with whatever you can, is your priority. It is the ones left out by the system who deserve most of the love energy.

You are a yes person

When someone wants help with whatever they struggling in their life, no matter in what conditions you find yourself, yes is the answer. The sacrifice of the energies is no problem when it goes to help a brother or sister of mother Earth.

You want others to be happy

The happiness of others is a direct affect on your inner peace in a very positive way, energy which others around emit must be pure light for you to truly accept. Contribution in easing the suffering of people through healing methods is one of the main gifts mother nature has given to you.

You suck at saving money

While most of the people try to save money to make it through the economic crisis, you spend it without care with the people you truly like. What matters the most is the moment, the good memories, not the material stuff.

You care about the collective

You see no separation like others do, illusions created by the matrix through ego, face obstacles in penetrating your soul. The happiness of the collective is yours; you know deeply that when you help another one your help yourself.

You are a lightworker

Lightworkers work with white energy to help humanity evolve to higher frequencies where things manifest way faster, their mission is to bring heaven on Earth. Giving energy without wanting something back in return is their characteristic.

To read the complete signs which prove one is a lightworker visit this article which I wrote a few days ago.

You get happy when others make it

The higher vibrations through which you live life, help to be positive about others making it with their dreams. With the love shared by your heart center, it happens you give all the time energy to others.

You share your resources with others

I remember as a kid, I did share my bread with others. Anything I did buy at the market. A kind heart like that of a giver, can not accept other to suffer.

You have empathic feelings

The energies of others being around, trigger many of your emotions. You feel everything. The suffer which others go through becomes your pain; you want to give and heal.

You don't ask others for help

It may sound weird, but it is true. Asking for help is the last thing which goes through your mind when in difficulties or harsh times. 

You like taking care of elder people

Elder people are just like kids, souls made of love in old physical shells. The love they resonate when helped by someone is divine. Personally, I used to take care of my grandfather. I do miss that weirdo!

Final thoughts

Although the deep need to share pure light with others puts the giver in a very vulnerable position for energy vampires to come and exploit him or her, he or she does not stop radiating love. This fact means those who are not afraid to give love without conditions, are the strong ones; not the weak victims like the masses like to describe them.

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