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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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Complete signs you are directly connected to the Source, first part

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Spiritual awakening is helping many people to connect to their true essence of the soul, it is its main purpose. Although in the beginning of such experience the one who enters it feel lost and abandoned from God, with the connection to their true selves direct communication with the Source is made possible.

What most of the people like to call God, we spiritual workers define it as a high source of pure white energy. We like to call it Source. Based on my personal experience with the awakening so far, I decided to compile a list of signs which show one is directly connected to the Source.

You experience very high vibrations

The ones who are still living in the third dimension reality are being stuck only into low frequencies as they have not connected to themselves yet. Everyone has the inner gifts needed to experience high vibration realities, it is all a matter of incarnations and lessons. 

Once you connect to the true essence of the soul, direct connection with the Source is possible. Such connection happens automatically and it is the main reason for you feeling high on energy during the day or night.

You can download consciousness directly from Source

Although we are responsible for the reality we create, Source can help us in many ways to improve the life here on mother Earth. The awake ones can easily download sacred knowledge from the Source when they're truly connected to their soul.

Such downloads are necessary for the upgrade of our planet to the high frequencies that we deserve to live in.

Right now that I am writing this article, I am getting the knowledge directly from the Source.

You know there is no such thing as death

As a being who has been here in so many incarnations, the connection to the true self helps to realize the fact we are no physical stuff, but pure consciousness. While many believe they're gone forever once they live the shell, due to the direct connection with Source you know life goes to infinite. There is no end!

In other words you have realized each one of us is pure consciousness.

You feel the collective

Although we do live different realities due to the illusions projected into our ego by the matrix, we are connected to each other. As you wake up to the true essence, you truly understand we are all one. We all come from the Source. Such realization helps to feel the energy of the collective, as all are connected to the Source, but not all do realize it due to the deep sleep humanity has been through for so many centuries.

Feeling the collective becomes a normal thing to you, sometimes it is really painful.

You feel protected by the Source

When the awakening begins, a lot of darkness is being exposed. There are many beings who feed of it, so in the beginning they're not going to like your work here on mother Earth. Due to the toxic patterns that have been implemented in you for so many years, you may get scared.

It is the direct connection to Source which helps you to move forward fearless.

You have been through a lot of soul struggle lately

Connection to Source is impossible without connection to self first. Fact is that all of us have been born from Source. In other words we are part of the Source. Duality experienced  here on Earth, is responsible for much of the struggle. Pain is needed as it helps in the growth of the soul.

It is the struggle which I have experienced in the last five years that helped me to wake up to my true essence. Without the hot tears, connection to Source would not be possible for me and many others.

You feel connected to everything

It is the connection with the Source which helps to connect to everything. Animals, plants and humans are all connected. Only the ones who are awake enough to connect to their true self can realize such truth.

A deep change has happened to you which is also reflected to the others who are still living in separation. Such change may bring tough lessons in case you have incarnated in areas which have been prey of low vibrations for a long time.

You realize all happens for a reason

Source is perfect, all of us are. What in the third dimension is viewed as a mistake due to the outdated templates built on very low vibrations, is a setup by the soul in order to experience growth. Although we have scripted our journey here on Earth before birth to get the lessons which the soul needs for its own growth we are free to experience any reality we want.

In other words, the connection to Source helps us to realize all we have chosen is done for a specific reason only the soul can understand.

You trust your mission with a great confidence

In the beginning of the awakening, ego is the one which raises different battles to the soul with the main purpose of keeping it in illusions. I did experience constant pain, even shaking at night as many toxins were getting out of my body.

Once I did connect to the true essence of the soul which is  unconditional love, I realized I am connected to the Source.

The connection with the Source improves the confidence when it comes to trusting your mission as Source does not make mistakes.

You start to believe in the existence of other beings

There are infinite shapes energy can take form in the Universe. With the connection to the Source one realizes they are not the only one populating the infinity, there are other beings who live in other realms our physical senses can not perceive.

After I did connect to the Source, I started to believe in the existence of  others creatures.

It is your last incarnation here on mother Earth

Connection to Source requires a deep spiritual growth, such growth only a few are lucky enough to have experienced during this lifetime. Once one connects to their true self, they do realize it is probably their last incarnation here on mother Earth as their mission is being accomplished.

We come on this planet as souls to experience life in human shell with the main purpose of realizing the true essence of the soul through opposites.

You have realized the true essence of the soul, there is no need to incarnate here anymore.

You have a deep desire to help humanity

Every time you connect to your true self you do feel the collective as it is the Source which helps to feel its energy. A simple trace back through history, proves humanity has been experiencing low frequencies for so many centuries. It is the low vibrations which are responsible for the suffering we have been through and still going through.

The connection to the Source helps one to experience life through high vibrations, this way they do understand that there are other ways of living in the third dimension reality.

Due to the direct connection which you have with the Source, the high vibrations you do experience motivate you to help humanity shift in conscious realities.

Conscious living is what you want to achieve and promote as an example to others.

You pick up others very easily

As you get connected to the Source you do feel others based on the energy they radiate. We all have negative and positive energy, don't get me wrong guys. It is the high frequencies which help to get access to lower vibrations and understand the main reasons why they do exist.

Picking up others without even talking to them becomes a normal thing for you.

You get access to your inner gifts

The Source want to materialize itself in the third dimension through us, by having a soul experience in a physical shell. Once we do realize our true essence, we feel motivated to find our inner gifts, access and express them in the dense reality in which we currently live.

One of the inner gifts which I am using the most after connection with Source is writing.

You take life really easy

Based on the Law Of Attraction, we attract what we are. If we get hard on ourselves it is normal for our life to get really tough. When I did not have connection with the Source, I used to get triggered by the outdated templates regarding of where I was going on with my life.

Now that I have realized the true essence of the soul, I do realize life in here is an experience to get lessons for the growth of the soul.

I take it easy, life gets easier this way.

You view the world from a conscious perspective

While the ones who are still in deep sleep think how to get to a better financial status in any way possible,  you do view the world as something which belongs to all of us. The connection to the Source helps to view the world as a conscious place which should be developed through high frequencies.

Everything is connected to the Source, the entire Earth is too.

You believe in love without conditions

As humanity wakes up to its true essence, people start to realize love without conditions exist. We are made of love, how can it not?!

The direct connection with the Source gives the possibility to download high frequencies for the purpose of using them in mother Earth. One of the frequencies is that of unconditional love. Such frequency is one of the highest, it helps to attract true love or what the spiritual people call a twinflame.

I am experiencing a twinflame and it is a very tough journey.

You  are a lightworker

Source is pure light. All of us have been as we are born from it, but when we incarnate on Earth we develop certain aspects based on negativity as in the beginning we had to survive the hard conditions of this planet.

The ones who are in their last incarnation here on Earth, have reached a certain balance when it comes to the inner energies.

The connection to the Source can be made only through light, you have to realize the light within you first before connecting to it.

In case you may be interested, feel free to read my article on complete signs which prove one is a lightworker.

You fear no darkness

The deep sleep humans are experiencing right now comes due to darkness which has been implemented into them through the vibration of fear. We do spend so much energy on low vibrations such as failure, unhappiness, fear and jealousy that we do manifest them in the third dimension.

Darkness is an illusion, it exists only in the absence of light. It can not stand on its own, independently.

Due to the connection as a awake being you have with the Source, you do not fear darkness for the main fact you have realized it does not really exist.

You give stuff freely

Accumulating material stuff is so important for most of the people as they are still in deep sleep, it is not their fault. When blind one can not see. So please forgive them.

When one wakes up to their true essence, they do realize material is energy in shape. All a big illusion. Such realization helps to focus only on basic conditions needed for surviving here on the third dimension, instead of focusing on accumulating luxury.

I want to live a simple life, and when I am going to have the chance to give to others I will. In any form possible.

Bad news trigger you

During the awakening a lot of trigger happens to the one experiencing it due to the unbalanced inner energies. Not only this, but even when you balance it is the connection  to Source which causes different triggers.

No matter the country, anytime I do see bad news I do feel the pain of the ones who are going through the hardship. And for sure I am not perfect.

Final thoughts

Connection to Source is a miracle which is made possible during the spiritual awakening through the connection with our true selves. We are Source and Source is us. The ones who have realized the true essence of their soul, understand every word of mine. In the next article I am going to give more signs, all come from my personal experience.

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