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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Complete signs you are becoming a 5th dimensional being based on my personal experience, first part

Spiritual awakening is changing planet Earth in a tremendous way as it is the process which helps souls who have incarnated in physical flesh to remember their true essence. Although such experience is scary in the beginning due to the triggers the ego goes through so it can completely die, all the lessons learned during it, make the awakening a great gift from the Universe for those who go through it. The discovery of true self, brings new ways of operating the third dimension, conscious ones to be more specific.

As the frequency update progresses, low vibrations leave the soul and open space for high ones such as unconditional love. At the moment the soul truly remembers its full essence, ego has no choice, but to experience death. Such event is the beginning of a long spiritual journey, the pass from ego operation of the earth plane to that of the soul based living. Regardless of the pain experienced during such huge shift, the ascension is the kind of experience which not many have the chance to have during this lifetime here on the earth plane.

Based on my personal story, I decided to compile a list of signs which prove one is ascending as their true self on the physical plane.

You deeply understand that there is no real death

Most of the people believe in death, as they are not aware they are experiencing human life through a physical shell. Illusions trick them to believe in matrix based belief systems, there is a big disconnection from their true selves so the fact they don't realize the truth, makes sense. The ascension process wakes up the one who experiences it to the infinite consciousness that they are,  it helps them understand deeply third dimensional illusions such as death.

You don't feel time anymore

At this point in which humanity finds itself right now, time is a very important tool which helps in organizing daily activities. Most of the people can not imagine their life without time, a dense concept invented by mankind for the main purpose of tracking events. Although like everything it has its positive sides, for the awake one it is nothing, but an enslavement tool.

The ones who are operating directly from the fifth dimension to materialize their soul in the material plane, can not sense the pass of time as the soul knows 3D is a big illusion.

No soul connection, no sex

Regardless of the fact that I never had any kind of sexual activity, once you become a fifth dimensional being on the physical plane every type of engagement should be consciousness. The same with sex. As far as my experiences so far allow me to see, mechanical sex is not something in which conscious souls like to participate.

You no longer seek external validation

When in deep sleep, the ego looks for certain validation so you as a third dimensional being can be and feel accepted in a reality based on outdated belief systems. The pass from 3d to 5d, means the deletion of almost of all the dysfunctional templates, the creation of new ones based on the frequency of unconditional love.

There is no need to seek external validation when vibrating on high frequencies, self acceptance is the key to believe in the inner validation.

You get rid of all your masks

Since kids we have been conditioned to act specific ways in certain situations in order to fit in the lifestyle of the programmed society. Such conditioning is the source of all the masks being developed during lifetime here on mother Earth, as the ego tricks you into believing they are needed in order to survive the dense plane.

Fifth dimensional beings here on the physical plane have no need of such fake faces as they have realized the true essence of their soul, they are in here to manifest it in the material world.

You get rid of low vibrations

Low vibrations such as fear, anger, hate and jealousy are the ones responsible for the toxic reality in which most of the people experience life on this planet right now. Such frequencies have tricked humanity for so many centuries to believe all kind of illusions that the matrix needs to stay alive, their removal is necessary to enter the fifth dimension. 

Although there is so many people trying to trigger me through the low vibrations as I progress in completely becoming a fifth dimensional being, the fact that I have got rid of them, helps me to stay in a neutral energy field.

You no longer seek love outside of yourself

Each one of us is born full of unconditional love, then later we are programmed through our ego to look for love outside of ourselves. When one enters the fifth dimension, they do realize the true essence of the soul, love without conditions. During this experience deep love is felt around the heart, an untouchable frequency is born which keeps away any kind of dark soul.

You fully trust your higher self

Illusions of the matrix act as a blockage in discover of the true self, the loss of such connection makes it impossible for one to access their intuition as contact with higher self can not be achieved. Intuition is a great gift which is being unblocked during the spiritual awakening, then the ascension as a fifth dimensional being on the Earth plane makes it possible to use it during the journey of becoming fully consciousness.

You discharge negative energy on Earth

Mother Earth is truly kind to us, in everything. Fifth dimensional beings are highly aware of the energies and their specific effect on others so they are very careful when radiating the wrong vibrations. During the awakening, different low vibrations were triggering negative feelings inside me so I started to deal with deep anger issues and reflected it on the ones around me, especially my parents.

Thanks to the ascension, I now possess the gift of discharging negative energy on mother Earth with the main purpose of not hurting others.

You are a source of attraction for little babies

Little babies radiate pure unconditional love which is reflected through their angelic eyes; as a fifth dimensional being of light you constantly emit positive energy which based on the Law Of Attraction attracts the same.

Every time I see little babies, a deep soul based contact is being set between me and them. To truly understand such joy, you have to experience it yourself.

You start to communicate with animals

Although the illusions matrix feeds us through our ego create the feeling of separation, a fifth dimensional being feels connected to everything. Lately I am starting to talk with abandoned dogs in the city which I live, regardless of the struggle which they go through daily, they do transmit pure love to me.

I love them!!!

Your body wants to detox

Due to the loss of contact with mother Nature, humans have developed the food industry which feeds them with toxic food. It is the 'bad' food which contributes heavily in lowering your vibration, with the update of the soul frequency the body wants to do the same so it starts to reject stuff such as cigarettes, alcohol, and certain drugs.

You want to change your food diet

When one is in the process of becoming a fifth dimensional being, depending on their financial condition, they might change their food diet. Every food we eat, has a certain vibration, like everything on this Universe.

Personally I want to eat organic fruits directly from the garden, due to financial struggle I am facing right now such thing is not possible, but the deep desire is in there.

Based on different conversation I am having with awake people on the social networks, many of them who are moving to the fifth dimension are becoming vegetarians as their body does not accept meat anymore.

You want to be close to Nature

The hurtful truth to many is that none of us was designed to live their life away from mother Nature, in the concrete where air is full of toxic elements due to the heavy industrialization. Different sickness our body develops with the pass of time come from the main fact that we miss the natural elements which only Nature can offer to us.

As a fifth dimensional being here on Earth, you do realize how important it is to connect back with the Nature, to enjoy her fruits.

You get access to healing abilities

Due to the hurt being experienced in the past, some of our actions are toxic as they are result of low vibration decisions. Different energy blockages which have been present in out being, get cleansed at the moment we do become fifth dimensional beings on the Earth plane. Our healing abilities and gifts get unlocked so we can heal ourselves and become a service to others.

Many find my voice healing on the spiritual videos which I upload on Youtube, others love the quotes I do share on Facebook as it helps them to move forward on their spiritual journey. The whole point of being a fifth dimensional being on the Earth plane is the update of the frequency, so humans can evolve and live a life based on updated templates that are built on unconditional love.

You change view on money

Money is a tool which most of the people want to accumulate for the purpose of feeling secure in every meaning interpreted by the outdated templates. When one becomes a fifth dimensional being, instead of letting money enslave them, they enslave the money. The focus is on development of self, cash mostly is used for the basics conditions of living.

You focus on self development

Fifth dimension is a higher state for those on the spiritual journey as the understanding of the true essence of the soul, is the key to create the reality which one wants to experience in the physical plane. When such sacred knowledge is possessed, you don't do work more on the outside as it does not really change anything, but you spend energy on the inner self.

Focus on self development is the way of life.

You pick up others very easily

All of us have been used by others, there is no shame about it. How would it be possible to learn then, if not from experiences?! 

When operating directly from the soul, every time you meet someone new you can easily see at their auras, in shorts words you become an energy reader. Their words can lie, but the energy doesn't!

You can tune to any frequency lower than you

Each one of us has a specific frequency that is tuned on, which is responsible for the reality they live in. Just like the radio, you have to keep a certain vibration in order to listen a type of music. As a fifth dimensional being you have the ability to be in different frequencies, which means different realities.

You surrender to the process 100%

Ascension is a process which in the beginning drives you crazy as it means a complete death of the ego. But as you start to experience and get used by living a soul based life, you understand it is all a process for spiritual growth so you surrender 100% to it.

You want a consciousness relationship

Probably your past relationships have been karmic, experiences needed for the kind of spiritual growth needed for ascension. As we all know, people develop relationship based on the matrix similarities they have such as profession, social status and wealth. These kind of relationships are fake as they do not come from the true essence of the soul. Not that I have something against them or anything as all happens for the growth of the soul, but personally I want my partner to be conscious. 

It is the only way for the relationship to work.

Final thoughts

First of all, welcome on the other side. It is a huge shift you have experienced and I am in here to show we are not alone. Where I have walked and struggled due the absence of light, you don't have to. Ascension is something not many can experience during this lifetime, be happy for it and start to enjoy it. In the second part I will share more signs, all come from my personal experience.

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