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Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Complete signs you are accepting your own path based on my personal experience

Since little kids we have been programmed to follow a certain path which comes from the ego, it is not our true destiny. The fear of being without one, left alone, is what drives the desire within us to walk a fake one. As we enter the spiritual awakening, a life changing experience, we start to look deep in ourselves, realizing all the illusions we have been living due to the mind programming of the past.

Like everyone else experiencing the life on planet Earth, I have been living based on the old belief systems of my society. Due to the self realization of my true essence, I am now following my own journey with great confidence.

Although the awakening helps a great deal in realizing the true self, in the beginning many are scared to make the right steps as the old way of doing things is still present within them. To help myself and such people to experience the true journey, I decided to compile a list of signs which show one is ready to accept and walk their true path.

You no longer seek approval of others

When in the state of deep unconsciousness, one seeks approval of others in almost every step they want to take in their life. Such way of living, is a result of the old templates your soul has been through, as the sleep state gets all your inner power so the system can function. It is the insecurities which attract a certain type of people that you ask when taking decisions, their outer validation acts as an approval for your own steps.

Once one becomes awake, their true path gets revealed. The inner validation is what powers them to marry their true journey, ride it without any kind of fear.

You no longer depend on the system

Most of the people take their life decisions based on the system which they belong, in other words it is the matrix which forces them to follow certain ways that are considered as secure keys to the success. The awake people respect the system so they do not feel like they are against the ones who 'like' it, but they don't need its tools to work on their own path, as the system limits them.

You follow yourself no matter what

During the wake up, most of the people in your close circle will try to limit you as they live a life which is run by old patterns, a false one. It is their ego which tries to project their realities into you, by using fears that help and feed the matrix. Initially some may even trigger anger feelings in you ,which hurts, but once you start to become more aware you realize whom you should follow.

And that is your true self!

You see the success of life on your path

There are many elements being used by the matrix nowadays to define success such as wealth, career, money and material stuff; none of them is a real definer of the true worth. Once one discovers they are the real treasure, they view success on their life by accomplishing their true path, no matter if such achievement is recognized by the system.

To make stuff more concrete, I do feel very successful within me, due to the improvements of my true personality and the spiritual growth experienced during the ascension. Although I did fail in college, such stuff does not bother me anymore as I do understand it happened for a bigger purpose. And here I am, connecting with so many other souls with similar experiences, sharing and downloading wisdom at the same time.

There is no way back for you

There is no way back for you, but the true path. The update of the personal vibration creates a specific energy field within you which does not resonate anymore with the old way of doing things, it feels pointless and boring to go back to the previous paths. Whatever fake journey you were following before becoming consciousness, it does not match the new frequency in which you vibrate in anymore.

You feel confident about the true path

There will be many tests which the Universe is going to bring to you based on the Law Of Attraction when accepting and following the true journey, many will try to distract you from it. The confidence which comes from within, acts as the main tool in moving forward and progressing in your own true path.

You become silent

Silence is a characteristic of the one who has a deep connection with their true self, a reflection of their confidence about the journey here on planet Earth. While others argue with the arguments which they come up based on  the matrix, the inner peace which you have achieved after so much struggle, speaks for you.

You don't fear the outcome 

The desire to follow the true path comes from within, it stands on its own and needs no approval by the outer world. Elements such as the 'future', 'security', 'financial freedom', become a second priority in your life, as the true path requires all your time in the third dimension. You become one with your own journey.

You see no obstacles 

Once you become consciousness, what you viewed as an obstacle on your true journey becomes a lesson. As the soul starts to realize its true essence, you understand all happens for a reason, so you turn everything to your own benefit while walking the true path.

You feel like you are born again

Spiritual death is needed during the awakening so the one who experiences it can come out as the true version of them. All the toxic patterns learned during the fake paths, get deleted and open space for the healthy ones to come. A feeling of relief is what accompanies the soul all the time, all the heavy weight you were carrying due to the low vibrations goes away, like it never existed.

You connect deeply to your true self

Without connection to the true self, there is no true life. Only when you setup a deep connection with the true essence of your soul you can accept and follow the true path. What before the awakening sounded like a crazy path to follow, now is a reality accepted with great joy by you.

Final thoughts

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening I got really scared about my future as the old dysfunctional patterns were triggering my ego to the point it felt like I was going crazy. Thanks to the lessons learned during such an amazing experience, I am deeply happy for all that happened as the manifestation of my true self in the physical plane is becoming true every moment spent on the Earth plane.

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