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Thursday, August 31, 2017


Complete signs New World Order is close, first part

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Although many people are experiencing spiritual awakening, the masses are still in the deep sleep which comes from the outdated patterns. Such coma is the real blockage for the update of the mother Earth to higher frequencies. Not only this, but it is the main point which can be used by the matrix to move people to the New World Order.

While most believe NWO to be only a conspiracy theory, in this article I am going to give a list of signs which prove the exploit of the masses for the purpose of keeping them away from their true nature, unconditional love.

The purpose of the dark elites is to keep humanity in lower frequencies as this way its manipulation is easier and power guaranteed. When far away from light, people fall for dark behaviors which contribute unintentionally in feeding the matrix.

High focus on the money

Money is the keyword in every discussion among humans nowadays, especially in areas that are still under huge development. Such focus consumes a lot of energy, pushes anyone in low frequencies and blocks the personal development. 

Instead of directing their energy in thinking and creating new conscious ways of  generating more income for everyone, people are going after a piece of paper. They are moving more away from their true nature, they're on the paper chase.

When mind is focused on cash all the time, soul is completely shut down by the ego. This is the main reason why humans here on Earth are inventing all kind of evil schemes to get rich at any cost, no matter the consequence.  It is not their fault. The system pushes them to act in such ways by keeping our mother on very low frequencies. 

Now everyone is running after paper. Almost nobody is thinking to plant a few fruits and let nature take care of them. Everyone wants to ride a foreign car so they can look good in the eyes of other people. Nobody wants to do something because they feel so.

For the money people are ready to do everything!

Denaturalized relationships

Any kind of natural relationship people need to have on mother Earth is being denaturalized by the matrix through very low vibrations. One of the main thing which matrix is exploiting all the time through marketing in the media is romantic relationships. Such stuff is being realized by creating the perfect images of man and women and implementing them on the mind of the people through subconsciousness programming.

The more programming is done to humans, the more they forget about the true essence of the soul. Based on all I have experienced so far on planet Earth, lately people are creating relationships just for the purpose of fitting in into the matrix, not because they feel so.

I used to feel a lot of psychological pressure myself  by the society when I did express my feelings on some women that are considered to be in a higher social status when compared to mine. Now that I love myself without conditions I do understand it is the mind programming which decides how most of the people are going to live.

Even the maternal and paternal relationships are changing. The programming which is done through TV on what the young people should achieve in order to feel accepted by the society is the main source of conflict between children and their parents.

I am feeling it myself. Most of us are. Our natural relationships are being ruined by the matrix each moment. Not only they are ruined, but they are being denaturalized.

Disconnection from our true nature

As humans we did not have any of the comforts offered by the  technology today in the beginning of our civilizations. The comfort offered by the advancement of technology contributes heavily in keeping the people under control. Such thing is being proved with the smartphones, there is not a single doubt about it.

Everyone is surfing the internet even when they should socialize with others. Such thing is a huge disconnection from our true nature. As souls living a human being experience here on mother Earth, we have basic needs such as getting out in nature, socializing with others, feeling the comfort offered by friends and being loved.

Personally I have been raised in different towns with beautiful nature and away from technology, such experience motivated me to think on my own  to develop the tools needed for navigating the environment in which I was living.

Nowadays kids are born in the kind of luxury which offers them all kind of reasons not to use their own brain like we did during our childhood.

It is technology using them, not the opposite. The matrix finds a great exploitation in this to push the people forward to the New World Order. 

Materialism is running our life

Based on the knowledge which I am downloading from Source, we are in here to experience life on the physical plane, not to accumulate material stuff. That's what ego wants.

Materialism is being heavily promoted in the television to program our subconsciousness mind with the main purpose of creating the illusion of separation. It is the root of all evil as materialism keeps us away from the true essence of our soul. 

If most of you take one day of the month for doing some simple analysis on how much you do think about materialism I guarantee it is a lot of time. Even happiness is being connected with the outer reality through materialism.

Lately people are being focused on consuming more than enjoying what they do buy. Just like zombies, they are being programmed to have the latest technology, the latest clothes, the latest accessories just to fit in the society.    

We don't consume because it is necessary for us to do so, we do consume just to follow the latest trends. On the other side our brothers and sisters are struggling to make coins so they can feed themselves.

We are getting addicted to things. Such way of living is far away from a conscious one.

Bankers are still deciding for us

Although most of us live in democratic systems where the majority decides for its own, nothing is like it seems. Because we are all connected to each other, we do exchange energy with one another. It is way more complicated than it seems. Countries have only imaginary borders.

It is the financial gain of a few people which decides for the rest of the world. While they drive on their million dollar cars, there is war going on third world countries.

They don't care about humanity as their ego drives them far away from the light. Money is their god, and they do respect their own god.

Many may wounder why they have been through so many wars in their past, why does the humanity need to suffer so much?

The answer is simple! So a few which are being considered the elite can live the life they want.

Modern slavery

Although modern slavery is better visible in countries which are still under development, I do believe it is present everywhere. Since little kids we do get programmed through the television to follow a certain path which is not ours.

Here on mother Earth we do have to follow a fake path in order to find the true one.

Then we are kinda 'forced' to attend a specific school for a better future. A better future they say...

Now that I look back I do find it all programming. How many people who attend University today are passionate about the topics they have chosen to study in there?!

Not many.

There is nothing wrong with studying, but you have to be passionate about it. Otherwise you are just a zombie who is going to get used by the industry the same as an industrial machine.

Simple as that.

The ones with the money decide for the conditions of the worker, the wages and the days the workers are going to have off. Living in a country which has been through a lot due to the low frequencies, I do view a heavy usage of my people by the rich class. This is how they do get richer!

Huge gap between the poor and rich

Every day that passes, the gap between the rich and the poor keeps increasing. Pressure on the poor class is so huge, its suffering is being felt really deep. The huge gap between the bottom and the top is needed by the rich so the ones who control the world can benefit from it.

While the poor ones struggle every day to put food on the table, the evil elite plans new ways for the purpose of keeping humanity under control.

Simple as that. This way they do keep us away from our true nature, it is when the humanity experiences tough survival conditions people do barbaric stuff. Just like animals. Or worse?!

They are keeping us in our animal state.

Projection of fear

The spiritually awake ones do understand humans have been prey of the fear vibration since the beginning of life here on mother Earth. Only when you do realize the true essence of the soul, you can realize how much toxic patterns have gone out of your body.

Matrix keeps control of its zombies mainly through the vibration of fear. Based on the outdated templates, if one does not follow certain ways which are considered as the right paths by the matrix, they automatically fail. Most fall prey of fear as they are not conscious enough to separate the truth from illusions, it is highly predictable why they do follow the steps defined by the evil elite.

When one takes their decisions based on fear, only fear comes out. 

Control through advanced technology

Intelligence agencies of the most powerful countries have the kind of technology which can be used to track anyone on this planet. A perfect proof is the evidence of Edward Snowden, a whistle-blower who copied and leaked classified information of NSA, the agency by which he was being contracted to work for.

According to the skilled hacker, NSA is able to take remote control of any smartphone they want to exploit. Such surveillance is a clear risk for anyone of us, no matter the type status we do have in the matrix.

For those of you who don't know, Snowden is a computer hacker who used to work for the american National Security Agency. He is well known to the public for the leak of massive government surveillance programs back in 2013.

The following is a short video in which Edward discusses how they use technology to get remote access to smartphones owned by the people. 

They're lowering our vibration through toxic food

Due to the update of my vibration because of the spiritual awakening, my body is rejecting most of the foods which I used to eat. Such fact is a sign from the Universe, our food system is a toxic one. It is being used for the purpose of keeping our body in very low frequencies so we can carry our animal instincts within us. 

Food is really important in our spiritual awakening as it directly affects the vibration of our body. With the food industry on their hands, the dark elite bombards humanity with toxic food which contributes in lowering the vibration of our bodies. Such stuff feeds the matrix and acts as one of the many blockages for the Earth to experience a mass awakening.

They do massive programming through television

The ones who are awake can not fall anymore prey of programming as they have moved to high vibrations which will be used to create the conscious templates, unfortunately most of the humans are still in deep sleep. The coma in which people are in right now is really bad for the future of mother Earth, it contributes directly to the evil agenda which wants to keep our planet in low frequencies.

Television is a tool which serves a great deal in accomplishing the agenda of the rich elite, subconscious mind programming is done through it. Fabrication of different images that bring many dysfunctional patterns when compared to the conscious way of living, is being transmitted through TV.

Although the masses do not realize the programming which has been done to them and still going on, as an awake soul here on Earth it is my mission to inform them.

Long story short, feel free to watch television, but be careful of the programs that have the purpose to keep you in a low frequency.

Final thoughts

As a lightworker who has the mission to expose as much darkness as possible through my own light, I can say there is nothing to be feared, but this does not mean we should not be aware of what a small group of people are trying to do to the humanity. The update of our vibration to a higher one, is the main tool which will help us in shifting Earth to a new conscious frequency. As I do more research for the next part, feel free to leave a comment on this article. I would be truly happy to have your own opinion on the New World Order and the role of awake people on helping to defeat such evil plan.

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