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Sunday, August 6, 2017


Complete lessons learned during the spiritual awakening based on my personal experience

The whole purpose of spiritual awakening as an experience, is the pass from a fake life based on the matrix to the true one which is manifested by the inner self. Many important lessons come with it, useful in creating a future full of inner peace and happiness.

When I take a look back on my life, everything has changed in a positive way. The pain which I experienced during the wake up has brought me this far, so I don't regret any of my past experiences, whatever they may be.

Anyone who has gone through awakening, for sure that resonates with the lessons which I am going to share in this article.

Self acceptance is the key to acceptance

To be accepted in the society in which we live in nowadays, one has to fit a certain lifestyle which is accepted by the matrix. At the moment they decide to go their own way, programmed minds, just like robots, try to pressure them by using old behavior patterns. Triggered by such toxic energy, the soul suffers during the battle with the ego, so much it understands the true acceptance should come from within.

It is the rejection from the outside world felt through ego, which brings the kind of struggle that is required for the soul to wake up from the deep sleep and realize its true essence. The acceptance of self without conditions creates the kind of frequency that needs no approval from the outer reality for its own existence.

Personally I had to fall in romantic love with a false twinflame, her not returning my love back made me look deep into myself and accept it, as I truly am. No outer forces such as money, nice clothes, high social status or luxury is needed for me to feel confident about myself.

No matter if I find myself on the side of the poor ones, or the rich ones; the acceptance from within is the key in attracting the best situations to my life.

Inner worth is the true one

Matrix oppresses its members constantly by making them deal with worthless feelings if certain arbitrary objects are not met during this life experience. Stuff such as money and social status is what most of the humans are up to nowadays, thinking it will bring them happiness by having them. Such illusions feed the ego, create the idea of separation and open doors to any kind of dark experience.

As far as my experiences allow me to see, I can easily tell most of the people living on this planet do no really know their true worth as they live an ego based life. Owning material stuff is nothing bad, it is good, but basing the worth on it, is such a big mistake which comes from the ego.

The worth which comes from outside, does not really exist as it is the illusions of the matrix which put a specific value to it. In other words, it is something which depends on the material part of this world. When unreal is being exposed by light, the fake worth loses its worth automatically.

Long story short, fake worth never existed. Spiritual awakening just proved it to you!

People understand the world based on their experiences

What you haven't walked is hard to know how it truly feels. Soul remembers its experiences and connects with others who have been through similar ones. Through this article, a cord between me and the readers who truly get it, is being created. Such bridge helps us to share parts of our worlds which are alike, to validate the reality in which we live in. Because we do have similar experiences, we take our worlds as true, so we understand each other. This does not mean that our truth should be a universal one, people who have not been on our sneakers can not view the world in which we find ourselves, so they can not really communicate with us. It's not their fault, the experiences which they have been through are totally different from ours.

Our world is limited by our experiences. For you to understand as much as possible it is needed to have all kind of experiences...

There is only now

Before of the awakening, the low frequency which you have, can not get you out of the matrix. Illusions such as past and future exist when vibrating in the frequency which the matrix assigned to you. It is a way for the Programmed World to keep control of you, just like a zombie.

Every decision is taken in the now, so only the now exists. Spiritual awakening reminds the ones who enter it to live in the moment as it is all we really have.

There is no separation

Illusions such as social status, religion, race and the color of skin are created by the ego, they contribute to the matrix by helping it in better control of the humanity. Once the soul wakes up, it realizes its true essence, the unconditional love.

We are all connected to each other, no matter how different the fake world makes us feel when in deep sleep. The awakening is what made me understand the connection to everything. Right now I feel connected to plants, animals and humans. A deep connection!

We are spiritual beings living a human experience

The body which we own is just a shell for the soul to experience life on Earth plane, a vehicle to carry our true essence. Blood and bones is not what we really are. It is the awakening which helps to understand such important stuff.

You can change only yourself

Being totally different from others, carrying a kind heart with me, I always wanted to change others in a positive way. I kept trying so hard in the end I realized we can only change ourselves. Because we do understand the world only by our experiences, we can take steps as far as they allow us.

What we can do to help others, is to offer an example to them which matches their experiences.

You are the creator of your own reality

The inner energies are responsible for manifesting a certain reality in your life, it is the thoughts which attract specific situations to you. Whatever is happening in your life is your own responsibility, you have created it by emitting a certain frequency.

The spiritual awakening acts as a reminder on the path one is walking, reminding them the true creator of the reality which they are experiencing.

Ability to have control over the inner self, is the true key in creating the life one truly wants by matching the correct vibration to it.

The ones who judge the most never experienced life

Because the world is being understood through experiences, the ones who have none, can not interact with others as they find it hard to communicate with them. Usually it happens that the ones who never tried anything in life, judge the most.

What they really judge is their self. I have been in the shoes of one, that's why I am writing about this low vibration. It is the limits setup by mind programming which do the judgment, not the soul.

The ones who want to hurt are deeply hurt

During the spiritual awakening, the ones who experience it, deal with a lot of hurt from the past. Low vibrations such as hate, fear, and jealousy trigger desires of hurting others in people. The main reason for someone wanting to wrong another is the hurt frequency which they are experiencing.

Been dealing with so much hurt myself, it was a period during the awakening where I wanted to wrong back the ones who wronged me. I decided to heal.

Others can hurt only if you allow it, the best way is to stop processing low vibrations by controlling the inner energies.

Balance is the key to a happy life

Unbalanced people suffer from low vibrations, the matrix controls them the same as a remote controller commands the TV. Once you go through spiritual awakening you do understand balance of inner energies is the key in creating a balanced world for yourself and others.

A balanced individual, affects the zone where he or she stays in a positive way as they reflect the beauty of balance.

Suffering is optional

As souls we setup certain scenarios here on planet Earth before incarnation on a body so we can learn lessons from the opposites, to remember the true essence of us. When facing such situations which are setup before birth in this world, big suffering is experienced.

Struggle helps to grow spiritually and develop certain attributes that are really helpful in evolving humanity to higher frequencies, but once the soul has remembered its true essence, it becomes optional.

Everything happens for a reason

All what we go through, the people we meet in this life, serve as experiences to get lessons out of them for our own soul growth. What feels like hell in the beginning is the connection to heaven. The ones who wronged you taught you how to heal yourself, the ones who wanted to make you feel worthless taught you the true worth, the ones who rejected you taught you to accept yourself without conditions.

To appreciate stuff you have to lose everything

Although we are spiritual beings, the life in here is an experience on the third dimension, we need stuff such as food, water, shelter and air to stay alive in the physical plane. Only when we lose all the basic comfort needed for survival we can truly understand the value of stuff.

During the spiritual awakening, the people who enter it, lose all their income sources to truly understand the value of having food on the table and clean water.

To meet the true life you have to unite with your true self first

When working on low frequencies we automatically attract karmic situations which result in fake friendships, toxic romantic partners and painful experiences. It is the fake self which attracts the masks it reflects in the world full of illusions.

Spiritual awakening reminds you the true self, helps to manifest it in the physical plane. Only the union with the real self can bring the true friends, the true love, the true life!

Unconditional love

One of the most important lesson during the awakening is that of unconditional love. Once you love yourself from within, love without conditions is what you attract.

For you to love another one you have to love yourself first. All the pain I did experience during the awakening helped my soul remember its true essence. In the beginning I was feeling so lost, thanks to this lesson, now I have reached inner happiness.

Final thoughts

Spiritual awakening is one of the most valuable experiences of someone's life as it reminds them the true essence of the soul, unconditional love. Every lesson learned during it, can be used for the benefit of self in creating a bright future full of inner peace and unconditional love. 

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