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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Brazilian man gets dog face?

Although we have seen a lot of weird stuff lately people do to their bodies with the help of plastic surgery, the brazilian man shown above has lost his mind by transforming his face into a dog head. Such story has gone viral on the internet, making people doubt its realness due to the craziness it represents.

Different sources on the blogosphere report the man to be Rodrigo Braga, a performance artist from Brazil. Photos shown below, which show the process of transforming the human's face into a man-dog hybrid, have generated a great deal of debate in many online communities.

While many bring their own arguments on such topic, after some research which I did on the internet, it appears that Braga has created a replica of his face and had a veterinary surgeon sew a dead dog onto it for the purpose of creating art. The young artist is known for transmitting feeling of pain, struggle and death through his work.

Real or not, he has managed to get the attention of many people on the internet, leaving them puzzled through his artwork.

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