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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Art photos for waking people up from the deep sleep

True art is the materialization of the real essence of the soul in the third dimension through various forms such as poetry, music, painting and photo. When one enjoys a work of art, they connect deeply to themselves. I had to deal with so many blockages from the past during the spiritual awakening, to appreciate and truly understand art.

Although our lives connect in many ways, it is the different experiences one has been through that make them see stuff others don't. By leaving a comment for each one of the following pieces of art, I share a few particles of my own soul with the collective.

Complete disconnection from the true nature of our body which was not primarily designed to process toxic food, heavily produced by the food industry nowadays. Technology has made possible to have any kind of food the mind can come up with, but in the end it is just garbage as it does not come from our mother Nature.

The mankind used to think by itself. Now, it is the technology which controls humans just like zombies, defining their actions and the way of living. Just like a machine which is being instructed through different mechanical parts, the brain is programmed via technology products such as smartphones, computers and the TV everyone has at their homes.

Psychological pressure through old belief systems has imprisoned our true selves in a cage, just like a bird. While the true essence of the soul is not being expressed in the third dimension due to implemented fears, our masks play their specific roles.

Did mother Nature design us to live far away from her, in the world of concrete?! What happened to those days when we did enjoy getting wet in the rain? Nowadays everyone has their own umbrella, nobody is happy... The trees are crying... Birds are looking to rent apartments!

Higher frequencies have control to way more energy than the lower ones, does not matter if it is positive or a negative one. People with direct access to such high vibrations use them to manipulate the reality of the masses with the main purpose of controlling and using them for their own benefit. Each one of us is a puppet, even the master of the puppets... It is all a game of frequencies.

Some kids have to man up in their childhood due the harsh environment in which they experience life in this dimension. The survival point is scary, true hell. Not only the ones who live it go through a lot of struggle, but they lose the true essence of their soul.

Cellphones take mos of our time as we use them to communicate with friends, keep our favorite music and surf the internet. The illusion of separation which comes from disconnection from our true selves, has turned us into zombies. There is no better proof of my words than a coffee shop full of young people with smartphones in their hands.

Dysfunctional family, result of a karmic relationship. The women is feeling very tired of the life she lives, while the little kid is looking for love. Most of the families nowadays are broken as they are born based on the meet of fake personalities, not the true ones. Such stuff happens so people can clean karma with each other. Everything has a reason. Trust me!

The modern women not feeling comfortable in her own body due to the disconnection with nature and mind programming done through television. Media has created specific images of how the civilized women should look. Far from loving themselves; our wives, our girlfriends and sisters suffer deep down as they feel rejected by the society for not meeting the body shape implemented on their mind through TV.

There are many fake paths one walks during their journey on planet Earth, none of them leads to the true destination. All is an illusion, projected by the society to our ego. To find the true path one has to find the true self first. The true one lies within you, look deep in yourself.

Time is the main tool invented by man to control the humankind. It is responsible for most of the dysfunctional templates that we are currently experiencing in the third dimension. You have to graduate at a certain age, create family at a certain age... But what is time?!

Final thoughts

Spiritual awakening is one of the most valuable experiences of someone's life as it reminds them the true essence of the soul, unconditional love. Every lesson learned during it, can be used for the benefit of self in creating a bright future full of inner peace and unconditional love. Without it happening, none of the comments I shared through this article would be possible.

Note: This post was inspired by All the artwork commented in here belongs to the polish artist Igor Morski. Please let me know what you guys think about my interpretation of some of his artwork in the comments section of this blog post.

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