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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Alien Races (Species) Part 1

When you look up to the sky at night, do you get the feeling that we are not alone in the Universe? The Universe is too big to believe that we’re the only ones living in it. Since the beginning of recorded history, many people have claimed to have seen visitors from other planets.

Pleiadians, also known as Nordic aliens are humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars. They are associated with spiritual growth. They can grow up to 2.5 meters (8'). Their technology surpasses our 'International' technology by about 3000 years. They continue to develop the necessary mental skills to eventually reach their goal, an even higher "spiritual state". 

They are probably the single most widely-recognized visualisation of an alien lifeform.
Grey also called Grays, Roswell Greys, Zeta Reticulan are extraterrestrial beings who are named for their unique skin color and have enormous heads with equally-huge black eyes, height to be 2–4 ft tall.
Many claim that the Greys communicate through telepathy. 43% of all reported alien encounters in the United States describe Grey aliens.
The origin of the idea of the Grey is commonly associated with the Barney and Betty Hill abduction which took place in 1961. The Grey aliens are also famous for the Roswell UFO incident from 1947.
The exact planetary origin of this species is widely believed to be Zeta Reticuli. The Greys, it is believed, have been operating on Earth for quite some time. Perhaps the greatest mystery of the Greys is their agenda.

Reptilians also called reptoids, lizard people, reptiloids, saurians, Draconians
5-7ft in height, resembles a lizard, very intelligent. They have scaled skin that is usually greenish-brown in color.
They come from constellation Draco. They have been permanently on Earth for over 15.000 years. Said to live in underground bases.
The idea of reptilians was popularised by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate human society.

Arcturian aliens are also called Arcturans. 
Arcturians are the most advanced alien civilization in the galaxy, they have surpassed into the 4th and 5th dimensions. These higher dimensional beings live mainly in the spiritual plane as thought and pure consciousness. These beings have greenish blue skin and distinguished large oval eyes. An Arcturian typically stand from approximately 3 to 4 feet in height. The Arcturian life Span is generally  350-400 years 
Arcturus star system is a located in Bootes constellations and it is one of the brightest stars in the universe. Arcturus is about 36 light years from our solar system. 

Part 2 coming soon, Stay Tuned.

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