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Friday, August 4, 2017

11:11 everywhere you go, what is happening to your life

Many people from all over the globe, are seeing specific numbers too often during their daily life experiences, getting weird feelings on what is happening with them. One of the codes which has been reported to appear the most, seems to be 11:11.

I remember back in 2011 during the meet of a false twinflame, numbers such as 111 and 1111 appearing on my digital clocks, trying to communicate messages send by the Universe. Frustrated by the awakening of inner energies, feeling hopeless and worthless because of the rejection by the person who I thought to be my other half, I was dealing with a lot of anger at that time.

The higher self, being a guide during the journey on planet Earth, knows everything about the right steps required by your side to walk the true path, the only one. On the other hand, ego which is programmed by the matrix with many illusions, works with any method possible to shut down the soul in its desire of following the 11:11 messenger.

11:11 is the code of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a life changing experience through which the souls who enter it learn the true essence of theirs, unconditional love. It helps in discovering of the true self, in the union with what you always wanted to be without fear of being judged. 11:11, acts as a spiritual guide during the awakening, a reminder to the soul on its real essence. It is a message from your higher self that there is no separation, we are one no matter the religion, race, skin color or social status.

You are entering the spiritual awakening

Getting multiple synchronicities from the Universe through the 11:11 code is a welcome to the spiritual awakening experience, a pass from the fake life projected by others into you through mind programming, to the true one. For the union with the true self to happen, ego has to die during the battles of the soul. Depending on the level of illusions you live in, the dark night of the soul might be necessary for you to come out as you really want.

I had to go through multiple dark nights of the soul, most painful experiences of my life, but when I look back and compare it with what I have become, all the struggle was worth it.

Your life will break down

For the new life to be created, it is necessary that the old one gets ruined. What feels like the end of your life is the beginning of the true one. Ego tricks the soul through illusions, it brings deep pain during the process of purging. Surrendering to the spiritual awakening is the key in easing the struggle which comes from low vibrations you used to live your life.

Failure in what you thought to be your dream, is a key point for the spiritual awakening to start, as feelings of being worthless after it, will act as your teachers in learning the inner worth.

At the end is all about lessons.

Final thoughts

Going through the spiritual awakening myself right now, I can say it is the best thing which has happened to me. Although it brings so much pain to the one who enters such experience, the lessons learned though it are priceless, no amount of money can buy them. To completely feel sure with yourself about what you really are going through, check complete spiritual awakening signs I have compiled to help lost souls in their journey.

The following is a video which I did to explain the true meaning of 11:11 code based on all the experiences my soul has been so far.

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