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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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You want true friends, but you don’t appear as your true self so they can see you. You want true love, but you don’t love yourself without conditions so you can attract the same. You want a warm home, but you keep dreaming of a big expensive one. You want joy, but you fear vibrating on the positive side. You want to feel the sun, but you are all the time chasing material stuff. You want people to be more positive, but you do nothing yourself to add positive energy to the Universe. You want to manifest money, but you do nothing about it other than envying others.

You want to be beautiful, but you are scared of the mirror. You want to laugh like crazy while alone, but you still keep thinking of what others may think of you. You want to be authentic, but you still force a smile...

You want to help the weak, but you still pushing them when others do so...

You want to be happy, but you look for it outside of you...

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