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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Why do lightworkers fall prey of energy vampirism very easy and how to stop it

Energy vampirism is stealing someone's energy without them even noticing it. It is the only way of survival for many people in this world. As the planet Earth moves to higher frequencies, darkness becomes easier to be exposed. The spiritual awakening is helping many realize energy abuse they have experienced by dark forces in the past. There is nothing to be ashamed of, only lessons to be learned with the main purpose of developing a better self, ready for the new higher frequencies.

I have been a victim of energy vampirism too. The absence of enough light did not allow me to see and spot the energy thieves, stop them downloading consciousness from my energy source without permission. The forgiveness of self is truly important for the spiritual health, the only way to move forward to a comfortable energy space where vampires face real security measures in penetrating the source.

A lightworker is one of the easiest prey when it comes to sucking energy, the main reason lies in their way of operating the third dimension. Unconditional love exposes the kind souls to manipulative relationships where the abuser uses the victim for their own personal gains without mercy.

Every lightworker operates from higher frequencies close to unconditional love, creating realities based on pure white energy. Their primary necessity is the enlightenment of souls lost in the darkness, looking for help to get out and continue the journey on their own. The direct connection to the White Source is one of the best tools they possess, using it to upgrade humanity to a higher consciousness.

Being a lightworker myself all I can tell is that we truly love to work with pure light instead of using dark energies which is easier to do in this reality we live in right now. Lightworkers are born givers of pure light; like dark beings love manipulation they love to help others with their white warrior skills.

The big desire of a lightworker to share the pure light with those in need, automatically attracts energy vampires, beings that live by sucking the energy of others.

A lightworker has a big need to give away light for the purpose of lighting the path of others, while an energy vampire has a high desire to steal energy from other beings. The worker of light finds in the vampire a person to upload his consciousness, while the dark worker finds the perfect victim.

Before reaching self control on my inner energies, people used to suck my energies all the time, leaving me drained, powerless to take care of my life. But how did I stop attracting energy vampires in my life?

I put myself first

As lightworkers we do so much to help others with our light, we forget taking care of ourselves. The experiences of  consciousness sucking by so many energy vampires, helped me understand myself should come first. 

When you are a born giver, energy vampires can easily setup traps which can be used to suck your consciousness for their own benefit. Focus on yourself, take care of yourself and protect yourself.

I have learned to say no

Saying yes all the time is another way which attracts a lot of energy vampires in your life. Your inner self is more important than anything else, say no when you feel you're being used.

I expose energy vampires

Spiritual awareness helps to identify your inner energies and the ones of the others. Energy vampires have no light in their eyes. They stay ready all the time to suck energy...

Once you become aware of energy vampirism it is your eyes telling them to go away as they have been already exposed; you know their true intentions.

Final thoughts

The mission of exposing darkness is a tough one, god did not choose weak people to handle his job. Being strong is not enough, especially when you are a lightworker. Protection of the consciousness is truly important, unless you want to attract energy vampires who are going to suck it all. 

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