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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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What is the purpose of the false twinflame

Twinflames all over the world are going through a lot of spiritual suffering for the purpose of healing themselves and the planet. Earth is cleaning its karma...

Many think they have met their true twinflame... I thought the same! The connection was so deep she was on my mind all the time. 

If you feel a lot of energy draining during the day chances are you have met the false twinflame. I compiled a list of signs to help twins tell if they have met the real one or not.

The false twinflame connection prepares us for the real one

Hell is not enough to describe the pain experienced with a karmic attachment from the past lives. While the real twin suffers the rejection in hot tears, the false one enjoys partying with friends without any worries about the twinflame journey. He or she has no idea of the twinflame experience.

What feels like deep love is karmic attachment from the past. Anger feelings towards the person you think to be your twinflame come as a result of rejection.

The false twinflame finds joy in others going after them, it is their narcissistic nature that feeds on energy of others. They love to be wanted as they seek external security, it gives them a feeling of unconditional love.

On the other side the real twin wants to love and be loved without conditions. This makes the 'innocent' twin vulnerable to the predator twin and exposes him or her to energy vampirism.

All the pure love sent by the true twin to the false one is never returned back. It is the rejection of this love that forces the true twin to look deep in themselves and find out their true version.

Once the connection to the true self is made the cord to the fake twinflame is automatically cut. I remember that when talking to my false twinflame she was all the time saying I should be happy she was giving me the chance to be in contact with her...

Since that moment I don't feel anymore connection to her. It feels like my soul has been released from some kind of prison.

Final thoughts

Everyone on the twinflame journey knows how tough this experience is. In the beginning it gets so dark it feels like you are dying. The meet of the false twinflame helps you to connect back to your true self .

It is so tough only a few can handle, but trust me it is worth it!

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