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Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Video, this young guy is transforming into a genderless alien

The spiritual awakening is contributing in moving humanity to a higher frequency, in a new reality where people are more tolerant to each other as they are waking up to their true self. What was viewed as weird stuff or experience in the past is now becoming pretty normal. 

The human mind is being constantly bombarded through the media with stuff which is really hard to handle and accepted. Such a weird case is that of a young guy who has gone through medical surgery just to look like an weird alien.

The crazy story does not end in here. He is being seeing doctors in Sweden, his objective is to become a sexless alien. Yes, you read it right...

Vinny Ohh did never fit in as a male or female so he is wanting to remove his genitals. No matter how unreal this may seem, this guy looks very serious about it. Been through 110 cosmetic procedures, he is looking forward to spend £130, 000 to remove his sexual organs.

Here is another photo of his.

The facial expression is that of an alien we have been used to watch in the movies. Judging him is not on my mind as I have accepted myself without conditions. If he feels fine in his new body then good for him.

When asked if he is interested in relationships he said that he does not care if there is going to be someone to fall in love with him or not. The following video  is an interview of his for some well known media.

Final thoughts

It is a fact there are going to be many people putting psychological pressure on him, interfering on his choices, on his path. We humans understand as much as our experiences allow us to see. Been through a lot of struggle myself I prefer not to judge him even though what he is doing is so weird. I am really curious about the opinion of my lightworkers. Let us know it in the comment section of this article.


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