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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Video, this spiritual guru says she has been to Mars

Science fiction seems to be not a fantasy anymore. A spiritual girl, whom I follow on facebook, is saying she has been in some secret program which recruits people to send them to Mars. According to Laura Eisenhower, when landing in the Red Planet, there is a lot of construction work to do. 

"In 2006 something very interesting happened to my path. I ended up meeting somebody at a gathering that offered me an opportunity to go off planet", she says.

Many people do not believe her, take the spiritual guru for crazy, but she does not seem to care. "Truth needs no proof, it stands on its own", she says.

Final thoughts

To be honest, we can not tell if she is lying or not. There is so much stuff going in this world which is kept secret to the masses. Her spiritual wisdom gives her so much credibility, every words coming out of her mouth feels to be true.

What do my spiritual people think? Let us know in the comments.


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