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Monday, July 31, 2017


Video, Reptilian caught on tape, what do you guys think?

As the humanity wakes up from the deep sleep, it realizes many truths that are shocking in many ways. Lately the internet is full of articles about extraterrestrials, discussing their existence on planet Earth for the purpose of controlling our governments. 

While most laugh at such stuff, a lot of serious authors do a lot of research on the field of alien beings, trying to prove with serious arguments they truly do exist. I personally find it very hard to believe in this kind of stuff right now, but the spiritual awakening opened my eyes to never deny the presence of other entities as long as not proved different.

While surfing on Youtube, a video about reptilians showed up. Curious to watch its content, I decided to open it; weird stuff in there. A guy calling the name of the ex president of United States, Barack Obama, has been caught on camera while changing the shape of his own teeth.

Really creepy. The following is a photo taken when his teeth is pretty normal.

We are really curious to know the opinion of you guys on this topic, how do you explain the weird teeth, non looking human at all, he gets in the video shown below?

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