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Friday, July 28, 2017


Video, her husband is now her wife

As the planet moves to higher frequencies, so much weird shit happens. Many people, feeling uncomfortable in their natural bodies, are changing gender. Such stuff is happening so often, the masses are getting used to it.

Eirian Cohen, now partner of a transgender women, has experienced some tough stuff in her life. Her husband is not the same anymore as he has gone through major physical changes,  just to become a girl. "In the beginning when he told me about it, it was shocking" she says.

The following is a photo taken when James was experiencing life in the old body, happy with his wife and kids.

But things are not like they used to be anymore. James is living in a new physical shell now, experiencing life as Kara Cohen. The following photo tells it all.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their own rights to do anything that is nor harmful to others, but this couple has gone so far in my opinion. Kids inherit templates from their parents, so what kind of example is Eirian and Kara transmitting to their children?

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