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Monday, July 31, 2017

Video, 12-year-old indigo kid bullied for wearing makeup

A young boy living in United Kingdom is being bullied by his friends at the drum school for wearing make up. His interest in girly stuff started at a very early age, when the indigo kid was messing with his sister's stuff. Through tutorials on Youtube, the kid has mastered at some point the art of makeup, now even the women are jealous of his skills.

For the little boy, what he is doing comes from the fact of him loving art. In other words, it is an way of expression, a form of getting the soul out in the physical dimension. 

The joy reflected by his smile, is a result of the inner happiness young Reuben De Mad is going through. Lately he is deciding to stop his own bullies by smiling at them. 

Is it going to work?
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