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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Twinflames and the matrix, first part

As the people are waking up to truths they are realizing toxic patterns have been controlling their life in almost every way. The way they build relationships with others, the way they live live, the way they love...

Old programming has controlled humanity for centuries through outdated templates that have no place anymore in the new Earth. Illusions such as skin color, social status, nationality and gender have been used against us for the purpose of making us believe we are different so we can become easier to control by higher forces.

It is the separation from the true essence of the soul which gives power to low vibrations such as hate, anger, jealousy and fear. We are still dealing with a lot of racial discrimination, violence, robberies and crime.

The world we live in right now is ruled by the low vibrations. As long as people don't love themselves without conditions it is impossible to cut the cord with the matrix.

The matrix is not fine with unconditional love

Unconditional love is simply love without conditions. True love... When one has reached unconditional love they do not see illusions so they are automatically out of the matrix. Dysfunctional templates or outer forces have no longer control on the awake people as they have accepted themselves without conditions.

In others words, spiritual people need no luxury to feel worthy of themselves as they have realized the true worth comes from within.

How come that a beautiful frequency such as love is a serious damage for the matrix? To understand the main reason for this, we have to find out what powers the matrix.

Each one of us in the toxic state is a power source that feeds the matrix with the right energy for it to stay alive. Darkness is truly important for the old patterns to function. Those who are in deep sleep follow programmed paths as they have no knowledge of self at all. The matrix is all about control, a 'dead' soul has a high chance to get a programmed mind which can be used for the benefit of forces that want to keep control of the masses.

Nowadays there is a lot of brainwashing done through the media with the main purpose of keeping the sheep in a sleep state so it is easier to direct them in the flow which benefits the matrix. Advertisements transmitted through TV or Internet automatically program your subconscious mind to buy the product before it is even released.

And if you don't, there is a high chance you are going to be rejected by others. The fear of being the black sheep forces you to live like the matrix wants.

An awake soul is guided by the higher self. The logic is very simple; the more souls become awake the more power the matrix loses.

What role do the twinflames play?


A twinflame is a soul which incarnates in two different bodies. Twinflames are usually born in dysfunctional families, different countries, different race,  different social status and share totally different personalities. This is not a coincidence, it is clearly a setup of the soul before entering the Earth plane.

The twinsoul sets up all kind of obstacles that are part of the matrix with the main objective of facing them and setting up an example for people to see, so they can wake up from the deep sleep and follow the truth. Both of the souls are in union in the fifth dimension, but they incarnate on this planet to experience duality so the hardships of the physical union can break the chain of karma and the old templates the humanity is living in.

At the beginning, when both of them meet, everything is magical like in Heaven. The power of unconditional love takes the twinflames in such realms where separation from the Source is not felt. This phase is called The Bubble Love, but it does not last much.

Third dimensional issues start to trigger each one of the twinflames, forcing them to believe in the lies of mind programming. At this moment in time they start to blame themselves for acting such foolish to believe in such a beautiful fairy tale...

The matrix takes control of the twinflame physical union with the help of the low vibrations. Disconnection from the true self creates space for illusions to penetrate and create the idea of separation between the twinflames, when in fact they are the same soul.  

It is one soul facing illusions such as the followings:

  • Religion (muslim twinflame and christian twinflame for example)
  • Social status (rich twinflame and poor twinflame)
  • Race (black twinflame and white twinflame for example)
  • Country (different countries)
  • Profession (well paid profession, worker class)
  • Family background (well educated, poor educated)

It is one of the many illusions which contributes to the power of the matrix. Many wars have been started and still being raised on religion, only to benefit to a small group of people and their financial interests. The twinsoul decides to experience opposite religious backgrounds to tranquilize the tensions between the two.

Social status
Another illusion mainly operating in societies that are still in development. Social status is one of the many challenges twinflames have to face during this lifetime. It is a shitty trick to trigger unworthy feelings in one of the twins so they can realize the true essence of the soul, unconditional love.

The primary reason for the twinsoul experiencing different races is to wipe off the illusion of the skin color. Black people have suffered slavery and they still experiencing struggle from the white authority in their communities.

A twinsoul may setup to experience life in a poor black family and a rich white one. The deep love of the twinflames for each other breaks the illusion of race and social status.

Twinflames incarnate in different countries to experience cultures that usually have nothing in common with each other, probably the opposites. This is the perfect setup for countries that are still going through political tensions with each other, forcing their own people to see the truth through the eyes of the politicians, not their own.

Balcans is a region full of political and energetic tensions. I am born albanian in the third dimension, but I always felt connected to the slavic soul since I was a child. Liking and loving slavs is considered a sin by my countrymen do to the political issues they have with Serbia, but I can not go against my soul.

My higher self is guiding me to the truth, telling me my true twinflame is going to be probably from Serbia. The normalization of the relationships has to start somewhere, and not better than a twinflame connection can initiate the peace mission.

I am experiencing hell, so many energy attacks from people around me as they don't like the fact I feel connected to slavs, please send me love and healing energy.

A well paid profession is considered a luxury, no way for an intellectual to marry someone from the working class. It is very rare. Even when it happens, third parties interfere in the relationship, feeding it with their illusions until it breaks up. A twinsoul is in here to help other souls get rid of such illusions.

Family background
Family is the primary source of our mind programming through inherited templates from the the past. The challenges setup by the twinsoul, put the family in a very hard situation so each one of the members gets their lessons.

Earthly challenges are preset before birth in the physical plane, well planned so the right lessons required to move Earth to a new frequency are learned. Twinsouls choose to incarnate in the most dysfunctional parts of our planet as it is there where is needed immediate update. The twinflame journey is one of the toughest, but is worth it.

The twinsoul goes through so many challenges on the Earth plane to remember its true essence, to remind other souls who they truly are.  Been through all of it myself I can say it is a hell experience.

Twinflames are the true initiators of the spiritual awakening as they face all kinds of challenges humanity has been carrying for so long. These brave souls know no fear as they have reached unconditional love...

Final thoughts

Twinflames are in here to break the old templates so healthy ones can be created in order for Earth to move on to higher frequencies. Unconditional love is the main tool in their mission which is important for all of us. The darkness they expose automatically leaves the matrix weaker than its initial state.

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