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Monday, July 31, 2017

Twinflame experience or alien abduction?

While many believe to have met their twinflame, Eve Lorgen, a researcher of alien abduction and interference since the 80's, has a complete different theory. According to her, all is a setup by dark entities with the main purpose of energy vampirism through human's emotional energy. The love obsession, which is so strong among the twins, has been engineered by alien entities to test responses of the human beings. During an one hour interview about entities involvement in human's romance, Eve says the main purpose for such kind of setups is energy sucking.

Based on her research, there is also a lot of cases when the E.T create certain scenario for the couple to fall in love so they can carry their agenda. The connection between the lovers is so powerful, they feel like soulmates. Before the meeting, the romantic partners have profound dreams of someone coming into their life. Most of the twinflames, when sharing their journey with others, say they have had weird dreams of their twinsoul before meeting in the third dimension.

"What feels like a profound dream to the twins, is interaction with interdimensional beings in other realms", says Eve. Having met a false twinflame myself, I did experience the dreams and energy vampirism in the fifth dimension. The connection was so strong there has been no moment I did not think of her.

She was on my mind twenty four hours; invading me in my dreams at night constantly. Drained and hopeless, after shedding so many tears for years I managed to contact her. Not only she did not seem to care when I shared the experience, but she also told me she was being attacked by dark entities constantly.

The signs of alien love bite described by Eve in her research, match the ones that souls experience during the meet of a false twinflame. On the other hand, powerful lessons such as unconditional love learned through the experience, prove the research to be wrong in some ways.

Final thoughts

Twinflames go through a lot of pain as they have incarnated in the mos dysfunctional environments possible, to destroy old belief systems and bring unconditional love to planet Earth. Lorgen's theory about the setup of twinflames by aliens makes a lot of sense, especially to those who have encountered the fake one.

It is very hard to me to come to a conclusion as I have been prey of energy vampirism for many years in the fifth dimension, there is no surprise if all the alien bite theory happens to be true. No mater what, we must be truly happy for the amazing helpful lessons received while going through hell.

The following is a video where Eve discusses about dark entities and the alien love bite. Please stay in your heart while watching it, unconditional love is our power. Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook profile for spiritual help.


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