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Monday, July 17, 2017

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Turn your past into a lesson and use it as a tool to create a bright future

Everyone has experienced stuff they regret in their life.  Many are caught in the past, living illusions. 

What has been done is gone. You can not change what you did, but you can change what you do. The spending of  the energy in the toxic past creates future realities that are karmic. It is the thoughts on your mind  that are responsible for what you go through so it is always a good idea to have a positive attitude in order to manifest happiness.

The negative experiences of the past are very dangerous when lessons are not learned. Stuff keeps repeating...

Based on the Law Of Attraction like attracts like. The main reason old experiences keep coming is the energetic connection to the past.

You can not change the past, but what can you learn from it?

Shit went wrong, now what? Are you going to cry about it? If you do, know that nothing good comes out of it. I have been through a lot of pain myself the last five years. Life went so hard everything got out of control.

Do I regret the experiences of the past? No!

The spiritual maturity I have achieved helps me to get a lesson from everyone I meet or anything I experience. This method helps me to grow more spiritually and use the lessons for my own good.  

The energy loss in karmic experiences has stopped progression forward on your own life and it probably bothers you so much you still thinking on what happened. Accept it is gone and try to get wisdom out of it.

The friend who stabbed you in the back is in here to teach you the worth of a true one. The women who rejected your pure love is in here to teach you how important it is to love yourself before loving another one. Every failure teaches you how to win.

It is very common for souls to learn lessons through opposites in this physical plane. To appreciate the summer we experience winter and vice versa.

Be open to receive wisdom at any moment through any kind of experience you go through. Past experiences can be used to improve life in many ways such as the followings:

  • Better relationship with self
  • Better relationships with friends
  • Better love relationships
  • True career choices
  • Deep love for self

But, how?

Trace back the past experiences and turn them into lessons

The spiritual awakening is doing a great job on my personal healing. What I thought as darkness helped me to discover my own light. I see clear now!

The first thing which you need to do in order to heal yourself from the past is to understand that all this life is an experience for the growth of the soul and forgiveness is the key. It is a must to forgive yourself and others so you can heal and cut the cord with the karmic past.

What are some of the things one should look in their past to extract useful lessons for the future?

Relationship with the parents

Parents have a direct influence on the life of their children. The programming they have been through goes as a template to the kids, conditioning them on their decisions. Unless you have born to consciousness parents you have been oppressed too.

Have you made the decisions on your own? Of course not! In other words third parties have decided the path you should follow. Been through this experience yourself it is easy to understand how important it is to let the children be themselves and follow their true path.

So for sure you are going to make a good parent!

Relationship with the friends

Friends play an important part on our self development. We share so many experiences with them. Each one of them is in here to teach us a different lesson. For example fake friends show up in your life to teach the true worth of the real ones.

Many will use you for their own benefit. Blaming them,  not only is not going to save anything, but will attract karma. Take a look back on past friendships and analyse them based on the following criteria:

  • did they stay with you for material gains?
  • did they stay with you because you are a giver?
  • did they stay with you because they truly liked you?

It is truly important to identify the main reason for someone wanting to be around you. This way you can fix the problem in yourself and stop attracting abusive relationships anymore.

Rejection experiences

All of us have been rejected at least once in our life. Anger vibration takes over control when such situation manifests and we are still looking for acceptance outside of ourselves.

I remember when I was rejected by my false twinflame that I got really mad. I was dealing with so much anger issues at that time...

Understand that you can be rejected only if you have not accepted yourself without conditions yet. Use rejection experiences as a lesson instead of blaming others for not accepting you.

Failure experiences

The society we live in right now judges us for our failures. So when you fail you start to tell yourself stuff that makes you feel unworthy.

Do you want to continue like this? How many unsuccessful attempts did Thomas Edison make at inventing the light bulb?

The key to move forward is to use the failures as lessons. Viewing them as failures creates a negative vibration which is a potential for attracting the same results as before.


People have a desire to hurt others when they deal with hurt themselves. It is the vibration of fear which controls the words that come out of their mouth.

There are many people trying to hurt me. They can not accept the fact that I am progressing with my spiritual life as they need to see others down to feel good about themselves.

Know that when you try to hurt another one you end up hurting yourself. Forgive people for attacking you. Inner peace is what you truly need...

Final thoughts

Accepting the past can not be changed shows true advancement on the spiritual journey. Most of the people are being lost in karma of the past experiences. The wise ones use their past as a lesson to move forward to a better future full of light...

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