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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Top ten spiritual quotes for awake people, compiled by a lightworker

Been through a lot of pain during the spiritual awakening I decided to compile a list of spiritual quotes that were helpful during the stages. The experiences feel so crazy in the beginning, the light of others is necessary in walking the true path. Where our brothers and sisters have struggled, we don't have to. It is their lessons shared through quotes on the Internet that can serve as great tools in reaching personal development way faster than the others.

Trust your journey

We are spiritual beings living a human experience. As far as my understanding goes, I can tell we have picked up a certain journey ourselves before incarnation with the main purpose of learning lessons so the soul can realize its true essence. The Universe is going to test you through many challenges in this lifetime, the key is to trust the inner self and continue walking your journey.

Let go

All the struggle and hurt you have experienced in the past is not going to heal by hurting others. I know what you are thinking right now. I know you feel hopeless...

Letting go of the past is the key in developing a future full of inner peace, joy and happiness. So please let go of everything for your own spiritual health.

Relax and take it easy

The pressure of the old templates forces people to get hard on themselves. This may even  turn into psychological genocide, tragedy for lost souls. You are in here to live the life you truly want, not the one they want you to. Illusions have created a reality in which individuals have to achieve some kind of social status in order to feel accepted or worthy of themselves.

Universe gave me the specific challenges to learn to take it easy on life. Only love is real... Nurture yourself, nothing is more important than you!


Resisting the awakening is going to bring a lot of pain in your life. It did to me. In the beginning we all resist as our Ego is not dead yet, it tries to keep the soul in its own prison so it can survive. Surrendering is the key to move to a reality which operates on higher frequencies.

Surrender and let the Universe do the rest...

Do something different

The mind programming has created a certain ways you should live your life in order to fit in, to be accepted by the masses. But what do they know? Who knows yourself better than you?

No matter how weird it may seem to others, always live the experiences your soul cries about.

We are spiritual beings

The awakening of the soul to its true essence is one of the greatest thing that can happen in the Earth plane. Stuff such as race, religion, social status are illusions that distract us from unconditional love.

Be yourself

Most of the people are living fake lives, wearing infinite masks to feed their ego which carries dysfunctional templates and toxic behavioral patterns. The ones who fear to be themselves live a life full of programming, not theirs. The main reason for such deviance is the fact they have not accepted the true self without conditions.

There is no better feeling then being yourself... Trust me!!!

Focus on yourself

When focusing on others it is not your life you live, but theirs. The key to create the reality you truly want for yourself it to focus on the control of inner energies. What is that you truly want?

Self development is what you should spend the energies on. A better relationship with yourself means better friendships, love relationships and clear visions about the future.

Love yourself without conditions

Unconditional love is what you should experience, best frequency ever. You become untouchable by the low vibrations wanting to penetrate your aura. Love is the true essence of the soul. We all are love, it is the ego which separates us.

Manifest your dreams, not fears

The frequency of fear has been ruling planet Earth for thousands of years, it still is. All kind of low vibrations create our toxic reality everyday. It is where you focus your energies the most that manifests in the third dimension.

I remember the moment I failed in college, all low frequencies were ruling my reality. Negativity was controlling every step of my life. Until the moment I discovered my own light...

Focusing on positive energy is a step forward in improvement of your life, no matter how small the step may be.

Final thoughts

The spiritual awakening is one the best experiences I have had so far. It has helped me discover my true self and love it without conditions. All the struggle I have been through during the phases of the awakening helped me take a deep look into myself and realize the true love I am.  

But we are not alone in this awakening. Others have walked similar paths before us. Their wisdom is a great tool for our further spiritual development.

All the above quotes played a great role in my awakening. I still read them with deep passion. By the way, feel free to follow me on my personal facebook profile for spiritual help.
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