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Saturday, July 15, 2017

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The true meaning of 11:11

Many people are curious about the true meaning of 11:11. This mysterious code is attracting a lot of attention lately due to the souls that are going through spiritual awakening.

For different individuals it holds different meanings. Some say that when seeing 11:11 on a digital clock is good to express a wish as it has a high chance to manifest in this reality. This is true as the universe sends back the same energy, but the materialization of the wish has nothing to do with the numbers.

11:11 is the number of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a process which helps souls on earth to wake up to their true nature. It is an experience not many are lucky to have in this lifetime as it requires a lot of inner growth. Those who enter this experience get signs from the Universe.  One of this signs is 11:11.

It serves as a guide during the awakening. We are all connected to the One. 11:11 is a message from the Universe telling awake people to continue the journey to their true self without fears. 

11:11 means union with the true self

People have many fake personalities inside them. It is the projection of the society and parents forcing people to live illusions. One illusion is more than enough to attract others. The soul loss blinds you from seeing the truth.

It is the awakening that helps the soul to realize its true essence. The purpose of this journey is to materialize your true self in the physical plane not to live lies.

When I entered spiritual awakening after the meet of the false twinflame everything changed for better. I was getting rid of the fake self to meet the true one.

There is only one you in the Universe. The union with the true self is going to help you to attract the true love, the true friends, the true profession and the true life!

The following is a video I created for the purpose of helping others to get a better understanding of the 11:11 code.

Final thoughts

The Universe speaks through codes. 11:11 is one of them. If it happens that you see this number a lot, know for sure that you are entering the spiritual awakening.

Know that all happens for your own good!

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