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Friday, July 21, 2017

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Spiritual teachers I follow on Youtube

At the beginning of the spiritual awakening the experience feels so weird you get scared about what is going on with your life as you are not used to the sensations of the new frequency. As the soul starts to wake up to its true essence, the mind starts to look for fake security in the old patterns. The synchronicities of the Universe act as a guide in moving forward to the light, but the problem is that the ego acts as a blocker in following such real useful signs.

I remember myself back in 2011 when the awakening of my soul started how lost I was. Numbers such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888 were appearing all the time, each one of them carrying a specific help message sent by the guardian angels. It felt like like I was losing my mind...

Mind programming through old system beliefs makes the spiritual awakening experience to look like an interrupting event in someone's life when in fact it is a gateway to the true self. It is very normal for you to be sceptic in the beginning as the journey to the real self is a huge life changing experience.

Thanks God we are all together in this major spiritual awakening. There are many spiritual workers out there who have experienced the wake up way earlier than us, sharing their wisdom on Internet through their blogs with the main purpose of helping others. Their lessons serve a great purpose in our self development if put in usage the right way.

In this blog post I am going to share with you guys all the spiritual teachers that resonate the most with me and my journey.


goldraytwinflames is a twinflame couple from Canada in physical union sharing their journey through videos on Youtube. Their sacred knowledge on the mission of the twinsoul is not only useful in moving forward to the union with the true self, but also healing.

They upload videos regularly on different topics about the twinflame journey, explaining everything based on what they have experienced. The lessons shared by this twin couple enlightened me on the true purpose of the twinflames incarnation on planet Earth.

You can follow them on their channel where they share spiritual wisdom for free.


Angelica is an earth angel full of love for the humanity living her life in a very high frequency such as unconditional love. She has been through a twinflame experience, but her spiritual lessons are not only about twinflames.

There is a lot of sacred knowledge on her old Youtube channel which mainly deals with the spiritual awakening phases. Her motivational videos have helped me to trust in my inner self while living the true life.

She is a gifted spiritual teacher from higher realms with the main mission of helping humans update to higher frequencies. Her angelic voice is healing.

I have personally talked with Angelica through Facebook, discussing our spiritual journeys and sharing wisdom with each other. She also told me that I am an earth angel.

Feel free to follow her new channel to stay updated with the angel frequencies.

Dio Vesselinov

Dio is a spiritual teacher full of  true wisdom on the twinflame experience. His videos have been a true guidance, directing me to my true self while I was running through a tough battle with my ego. A divine soul like him is for sure a great help to humanity awakening.

You can follow Dio on his Youtube channel where he uploads content regularly.


13signsastrology is a great researcher full of wisdom on ancient civilizations, spirituality and other kind of esoteric knowledge. He has been a great teacher to me during the awakening with his lessons on twinflames.

Feel free to follow him on his Youtube channel.


This brother is a very powerful soul bringing true wisdom on our planet through lessons on his Youtube channel. Many on the spiritual journey pretend to have reached soul maturity, but when it comes to sharing truths none does it like him. He shows no fear because he has none!

His deep courage in helping humanity evolve spiritually is to be respected and embraced.

Final thoughts

Where you are walking right now, many have been before you. Similar experiences help us understand and connect with each other in better ways. Use the lessons of others as a tool of guidance on your own path, the sooner you meet your true self the better it is.

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