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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Spiritual awakening, complete signs you are moving from an ego based living to a soul based one

Humanity has been living projections of its own ego since its birth, struggling all the time in infinite illusions. Darkness, blinding people through low vibrations, has managed to keep them away from their true nature. When one is far from the truth, lies are in control of the reality in which they live in.

The update of the frequencies on mother Earth is shifting everything to higher vibrations, opening so space for new ways of experiencing the third dimension. Many are going through spiritual awakening, a life changing experience which wakes up the soul from the deep sleep.

Once the soul realizes its true essence, unconditional love, you start to move from living the life based on old templates to a soul based one. I have experienced it all; like with any unexplored experience the beginning is scary as the operation of the third dimension isn't accessed through the ego anymore.

The fact that there are so many going through spiritual awakening, lost and hopeless, is a motivation for me to share my personal experiences. It is when you help another soul you truly help yourself.

Once you start to live from your soul, you may have the following experiences.

You feel very comfortable with yourself

The appearance is not anymore important for you to feel fine with yourself, inner love which flows unconditionally through the heart powers the kind of inner peace everybody dreams about. An extreme increase of confidence which comes from self acceptance without conditions, makes you feel comfortable in any place.

It is very hard for anyone who has bad intentions of tricking you out of the comfort zone as the security comes from inside, not from external sources.

You follow your true passions

Fears projected by the matrix through the ego, force people to follow paths that are not theirs. Once the soul fully wakes up, all illusions lose power. It is the awakening which helps you understand how important it is to materialize your true self in the third dimension. Only by doing so one can exist for real in this earth plane.

You, from now on, follow only the true passions without any kind of fear as the soul  does not know such illusions.

You put your soul in whatever you love doing

The materialization of the true self in the physical plane is the only way to truly exist in the third dimension, putting the entire soul on what you love to do is the way you move. For me it is the spiritual work which is primary as my soul finds peace when helping others through the content creation on this website.

Outer forces, part of the matrix, will try all the time to dictate your life's flow through different fears, but the wake up is so strong the soul becomes alive, wants to sing its own song. No matter if there is financial gain or not, once you move to a soul based life, you focus your entire energy on doing what you truly love to do.

You handle toxic people like a master

During the spiritual awakening, ego is the main point where toxic people attack, trying to trigger negative emotions for the purpose of gaining external security. In the beginning, they manage to hurt you as you have not healed yet, but once you discover the true essence of the soul, unconditional love acts as a shield to keep them away.

You make new connections based on the soul

When operating from the ego, new connections are formed based on the matrix patterns. This way most of them are fake, usually karmic. The spiritual awakening helps to look for other souls who have been through similar experiences or share similar imprints with yours. No matter the social status, the money, the appearance; if they match your frequency you would be more than happy to have them in your life.

You, from now own, want and respect the automatic soul connections, pure ones. Thanks to realization of the true essence of the soul, many people walking the streets with their dogs say hi to me in a very positive way. No money can buy such deep soul connections!

You do not fear the future

By tracing back our past, we do realize a lot of mind programming has happened there; putting fear in us through the ego. It is easy to understand and say that decisions on our future have been fear based, not coming from the true essence of the soul. Such decisions are not ours!

Living a soul based life helps to live without fears, there is no fear about the future as you have already realized the true essence of the soul, you want to do everything with unconditional love.

You take life decisions based on the soul

Before the awakening all your decisions were based on the old templates, it was the programming deciding for your life, not your true self. The access to the soul, is a sacred key in living the life you truly want to live.

True decisions come from the soul. Higher self knows what fits best for you in this dimension, so be happy for setting up contact with it.

I am loving myself more and more each day, taking life easy and manifesting abundance. Best decision ever.

You forgive others very easily

Knowing we are souls having a human experience on planet Earth for the purpose of spiritual growth, is a great key in navigating the third dimension. The ones who are not awake yet, function based on old belief systems, their actions do not come from love. You have dealt with hurt yourself, the healing which you have experienced helps to forgive others easily.

You take inner peace very seriously

Unconditional love of self did not come easy, so many battles with the ego full of negativity took place. The tears you have been through are still hot... What you have reached is so beautiful you are very careful when it comes to protecting it. Dark beings, jealous about the inner peace you have reached, send low vibrations all the time so they can trick you from the kingdom of happiness.

You are focused on your personal growth and development

Once you connect deeply to your soul, you do realize that the inner world is responsible for creating the external reality; while others use any kind of outer forces to change their situation, you know where the problem lies in.

You work from within to create the reality you truly want.

Final thoughts

My journey has been full of struggles so far, each one of them has left a scar in my soul. I can not remove them, but I can use them for my own personal growth and self development. Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook profile for spiritual wisdom and help.

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