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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Signs your spirit animal is a Panda, based on my own personal experience

Each one of us feels a deep connection with a specific animal, resonating with its energies and life patterns. A certain level of spiritual awakening is required for identification with the right animal. It is the energy match which reveals the true animal totem of yours, a great connection which can be used as a navigation tool in our daily lives.

The animal I resonate the most with is Panda. This spirit animal is helping me a lot in my life with the relationships with others as well as with the discover of hidden useful features in my self.

The following are the signs I have compiled from my experience, proving connection to a priceless being such as Panda.

You love solitude

Solitude is a preference of those who are high in creative energy, passionate about pure connections with the Source. Time alone is a must for writers, painters, engineers and scientists, professions that require energy balance for being properly developed. It is solitude that tells you who you truly are, helping in development of a healthy relationship with the self. Panda enjoys spending time alone as its balanced energies create a certain frequency which does not accept stress as a way of living.

And what better than solitude can provide the necessary energy zone to live in the most tranquil way possible?

You care about the inner peace

There are infinite vibrations one can live their life. Inner energies are responsible for the outer reality, so the key in controlling the life experiences is the ability to know the true self. True power comes from within, the fake one comes from without. Panda has reached a certain level of balance in the inner energies which creates the kind of comfort that is not worth any kind of little unbalance. 

When it happens to be a conflict between friends or people you are the first one to contribute positive energy with the main purpose of stopping its further development.

You prefer survival comfort over luxury

Simple life is the life you want to experience in this dimension. The balance of yin yang does not allow the penetration of low vibrations such as fear, jealousy or hate. It is the absence of such toxic frequencies in someone, making impossible for them to hate over anyone with more physical resources. 

Expensive jewellery is not for you...

Like panda which needs the right ecosystem to survive, you need enough food and shelter to enjoy developing your passions while living a life of solitude...

It is soul over material.

You are very friendly and welcoming to everyone

Panda is known to be a very calm animal, not dangerous at all for people seeing it. Its energy is healing for many. The same goes for you when it comes to meeting new people. They get impressed by the supportive energy you show towards them, even though it is the first time you meet each other.

You try to keep a low profile

Popularity is not something you look for in life like most of the people do. What matters the most to you is your inner comfort. Same as panda.

Balance is the way to live

You find the beauty of living life in balance. The level of consciousness required to reach inner peace is a big achievement in spiritual development not many will experience in this lifetime. Happiness comes from within.

You do not like to exploit others

The human nature has a tendency to exploit itself so it can feel accepted by itself. It is a big paradox. Ego forces people to live in illusions, to seek external security on making each other feel worthless. One who has reached inner balance knows their true worth, they need no confirmation from the outer reality to feel accepted.

Hurting people with the purpose of feeling better than them is not on your soul; not in mine! Like panda which is not a predatory animal you mind your own business. Instead of you going out there and exploiting others insecurities, you help them. 

You work from within

A panda is a wise animal when it comes to inner energies. Even its skin represents balance in this life. Like a wizard of balance, you know the inner reality is the main one responsible for the outer experiences. It is this pure spiritual wisdom which helps panda people focus on their personal development.

You rest a lot

Many view you as a passive person for the rest you like to take in this lifetime. The simple life you live creates this kind of luxury which many people want to have, but it is the fears running in them that do not create such opportunity.

You live a spiritual life

Solitude, balance, inner peace play an important role in someone's life. These spiritual characteristics create a loving frequency which is responsible for a peaceful reality. Unconditional love is how you operate the third dimension, many label you as foolish for such action.

Final thoughts

The awakening of inner energies is a great gift from the Universe to those who are ready to update to higher frequencies. With the spiritual awareness comes identification with an animal. For us happens to be an amazing creature such as Panda.

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