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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Signs that show someone may be a toxic person

As I go through my spiritual growth journey, it happens that I realize most of my past relationships have been toxic. But I was toxic myself as it is when you are vibrating in low vibrations that you attract such relationships.

What are some signs that prove someone is toxic? Based on my personal experience I have compiled the following list.

  • A toxic person wants to control you or your life
  • A toxic person does not love themselves without conditions and searches for love in the outer world
  • A toxic person does not feel good when others are happy due to the hurt they have experienced in the past
  • A toxic person hates when someone makes it 
  • A toxic person builds relationships based on material gains, template rules and karmic laws
  • A toxic person gets really angry when they can not control the other one
  • A toxic person talks bad about the ones they can not control
  • A toxic person’s power is only toxic
  • A toxic person has deep anger issues
  • A toxic person lives on the ego
  • A toxic person wants to destroy at all costs anyone they hate
  • A toxic person takes pleasure in hurting another being
  • A toxic person suffers from deep unhappiness
  • A toxic person has a lot of karma to clean
  • A toxic person is going to be abusive in any relationship they form be it friendship or romance
  • A toxic person brings toxic energy as soon as they enter in your radiation zone

Final thoughts

In other words a toxic person is someone who is prey of the old templates. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are in here to learn lessons through experiences and grow. It is not our fault for experiencing toxic templates. But it is our fault if we don’t do the work to clean our low vibrations.

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