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Friday, July 28, 2017

Mercedes builds a new 190E Evo II

Mercedes decided to a build a new 190E Evo II as the fans have been and still are really passionate about it. The automaker is going to present the car the next week in one if its trackday events which takes place in Belgium at the Zolder circuit.

According to Carscoops blog, people attending the event will probably have a chance to test the car if they ask nicely. Excited from such news, me and others fans of 190E Evo II, are really curious about what is going to take place in the upcoming days.

Unfortunately not all have the luxury to enjoy the car at the event, but hopefully there will be people uploading video materials on Youtube. If it happens that you read this and plan to attend the event, please feel free to share photos or videos with our community.

In the meantime enjoy the following photos of the new 190E Evo II the giant automaker has built for its fans.

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