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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Identity crisis during the spiritual awakening and how to deal with it

The spiritual awakening is an experience not many are lucky to have in this lifetime, the right spiritual growth is needed to enter it. Although many great lessons come with it such as self acceptance, self worth and unconditional love, the pain experienced during the wake up is so real even the animals around can feel it. As the soul starts to remember its true essence, unconditional love, the ego raises battles through old programming. The awakening brings identity crisis as it is a direct attack on the fake self, on the old way of living.

In the beginning, because of the events happening during the wake up are completely new to your programmed mind, it is the ego which rules the soul. Deep down, you truly want to come out as your true self, but the matrix runs so deep in you; stuff such as social status, profession and money is still how you view your self worth.

The identity offered by the matrix offers a fake reality in which you feel worthy of yourself. At the moment you lose this identity, low vibrations take over control, forcing you to do anything to keep the status you had so you can feel good about yourself again. Universe makes no mistakes, the setup of the awakening in your life is so perfect, things happen in a specific way that you can not make it anymore to the matrix. What defined you the most in the fake reality, is the primary attacking point of the awakening; by taking the fake worth away you realize and understand the true worth.

To ease the pain which comes from identity crisis during the spiritual awakening, I have compiled a list of advises based on my own wisdom gained during this life changing experience.

Try to understand why you are losing your identity

Each one of us is born in a specific family, spends life in a certain society and lives in a country. When you are in deep sleep, the definition of you is not truly yours, but that of the templates. During the awakening, the ego feels attacked by the soul, so it reacts in many low frequencies. It is the low vibrations which make you feel worthless, as you still try to find your true value in the outer reality.

Please understand that all that happens is for your own good. What in the beginning feels like identity crisis, turns out to be the discover of the true one.

Stay calm and let go

During the awakening, most of the people want to go back to their old lives, as they think they going to be secure in there. I tried to go back too, it did not work. By focusing energy on the past, you get stuck to the old patterns, there is no rocket science in understanding why the now is full of low vibrations. You have to let go of everything that does not serve you anymore. Social status you lost, money, job. Everything!

Let go and surrender to the process. I have been there, I know how it feels...

Stay away from toxic people

I have nothing against people who are toxic, I was one of them. We all have been through it at some point in our life. When one is toxic they are part of the people who power the matrix, no way they can accept that someone is an electron in this game. The external security they seek, depends on your failures, your weakness. Identity crisis is one of the toughest phases of awakening, it may even lead to the dark night of the soul, a scary experience I went through multiples times. Stay away from people who have no idea of the awakening, their knowledge of self is not enough to support you during such tough process.

Toxic people may even try to hurt you with their words as they are dealing with hurt themselves.

Follow others who are going through the same thing

It is the experiences we go through in this life that help us to understand each other. The perfect people for you to share your journey with are the ones who have had similar experiences. There are thousands of people entering the spiritual awakening right now, many are about to come in the near future. Try to contact them on social media and see what they are going through. Then check if it resonates with your path or not. Simple as that!

There is a also a list of spiritual workers I do follow regularly on Youtube, feel free to check them and see if their lessons can serve as tools to move forward in your own journey.

Trust your higher self

Your higher self tries to communicate with you all the time as it knows everything, open your heart and trust the journey. Only you know who you truly are.

Remember your true essence

We are soul beings living a human experience, all the lessons learned in here serve a great purpose for our spiritual growth. The true essence of the soul is discovered during the identity crisis. You are not your profession, not your social status, not your money... You are pure love.

Final thoughts

During the identity crisis it felt like hell. I did not know who I was anymore, all my matrix based worth was fading away. The failure in college and the meet of the false twinflame brought so much pain into my life, so much darkness, I had to find my inner light. And I did. You should too. Trust the spiritual awakening, let go and surrender.

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