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Saturday, July 22, 2017

I know where your twinflame is...

Dear twiflame,

I am writing this letter after so much spiritual struggle experienced in my journey as a twinsoul here on planet Earth. So far as my soul lessons allow me to see, I can tell our mission is one of the hardest. Sometimes it feels like you are hang in the void...

I feel you... You know why? Because I have been there! The tears you have shed... I have left them behind. The light you are waiting for at the end of the tunnel... I did wait...

And I waited again... I got hang in the void! It got so cold... Colder than a russian winter... Everything froze up. The flowers, the dogs, the people... The sky... The stars... The moon...

Or did my soul...

Only when I did hurt myself I could feel... You get me, right? I know you do... You probably in there. If so then let my light be the guide through the darkness... Many let me use theirs. Where I walked and fell, you don't have to.

The love for the other part is so deep, but at the same time so fake... How can yourself love you back, if you don't love yourself first? The illusion of separation blinds you... I know! It brings so much pain you never thought was possible to experience. Hot tears that burn your face come out of it...

Suffering is always optional. Surrendering to the process is the key to the union. The real purpose of the twinflame connection is the face and acceptance of the true self. Once you become one with yourself the journey starts to get easier, the real mission becomes clear. The whole experience starts to make sense!

Words such as "the twinflame connection is not about romance" used to hurt me, opening holes in my heart. Family dreams with her? Infinite!

The rejection of "love" from the twin served as a tool for learning to love myself without conditions, something I am truly proud of! Your twinflame is in you, and you are in your twinflame. There is no separation, the ego tricks you to believe so.

Unite with yourself, love yourself without conditions and trust the Universe for the rest of the experience.

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Love and Light
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