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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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How to know if your guardian angels are trying to contact you

No matter how hard this life goes for you or how much despair you may feel, God and its angels guard you all the time to keep you on the right track.

Everyone has their own guardian angels. Once you go through awakening, stuff which seemed  a fairy tale in the past starts to make sense. Deep down inside my soul I knew angels existed, but it was kind of hard for me to accept it as I was living entirely in the physical plane. Now that I am fully awake, not only I do realize their existence, but I also write about them. 

So how do angels contact you?

Based on my personal experience and that of others who are going through awakening, angels contact a person by using divine numbers such as 33, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888 etc. Whenever you see one of these numbers appearing on your life know that it is a message from your angels.

Angel numbers and their meanings


This is an angel message to keep faith on yourself and trust your journey. The number 2 represents duality. The angels are telling to take it easy on yourself, staying in your soul as you may be experiencing battles with your ego.
Frustration or negativity may get you off track, sucking the good energy out of you. Slow down, balance the inner energy and remember we are one.


This numbers deals with divine protection. Whatever goods your soul wants to materialize in this planet God and angels will help you in achieving them. Feel strong to trust your inner self when you see this number.
Do you want to be a service to others, but your ego shuts you down? Do you want to live the true life and express your soul fully in the physical plane?
The Christ spirit is with you, understanding your suffering and supporting you on your divine mission.


You prayers have been listened and answered. Angels are protecting and guiding you. There is nothing to fear in this life experience.
The decisions your inner self wants to take are supported by the energy of the angels. Step out of the third dimensional comfort zones to fully manifest yourself in the physical plane.


Major changes are happening in your life. For example I went from being shy about my light to fully expressing it through quotes, articles and videos. It was a drastic change for me. In short words this number is a message to remind you how much spiritual growth the soul has been through.


Are you experiencing a lot of fears lately? The fear of losing your job, the fear of staying poor, the fear, of being unloved?
If so then it is time to clean your fears unless you want them to manifest in the reality. Track the fears you are going through and trust your angels, trust their positive healing energy which is sent to you.
Only the higher self can help you to clear your fears. Listen to it.


Time for some abundance in your life. Time for materializing your knowledge, your wisdom into the physical plane.  We do love good good food and shelter, don’t we?
It is when you see this number you have take action and monetize what you know, transform mental energy into material stuff for your own good.

Final thoughts

Pay attentions to the numbers you catch on digital clocks, license plates or other place. There is a message in them directed to you which should be decoded. You may not see your guardian angels, but they do see you. 

They feel your struggle!

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