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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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How to deal with low self esteem during the spiritual awakening

Once you enter spiritual awakening your life changes totally, sometimes it feels all like a dream from which is impossible to wake up. As the soul starts to remember its true essence, the ego brings up old belief systems with the main purpose of tricking the soul into believing illusions. Because the experience is completely new, game changer, old inherited fears take control of your whole being.

The old way of doing things do not resonate with the new frequencies anymore. Feelings of being stuck in life start to trigger negative patterns, anger and low vibrations. The system of illusions which created a fake comfort for you to have, is now at war with the true self.

The war between the ego and the soul runs deep. Amount of pain experienced because of the old way of living, leaves you breathless. I still remember those moments when I had to wake up in the middle of the night and run out to the fresh air.

Our sense of self worth is based on the program of the matrix, it is an outer evaluation. When the conditions of the fake reality are not met, ego starts to express its discontent through low frequencies such as anger, jealousy and hate. The matrix offers you fake worth, as it depends on what you own, not on who you truly are. In the beginning of the spiritual awakening there is a lot of confusion on what is happening, the old life falls apart. This event brings deep feelings of being worthless, useless to the system. Not only you have to face obstacles the matrix brings, but also the psychological pressure of the others who do not understand what you are going through.

Low self esteem is what many experience in the beginning of the spiritual awakening, they feel hopeless as the disconnection with the fake life has just started. The main reason for experiencing such a low vibration is the fact you remain undefined after the initiation of disconnect with the matrix. Your job does not define you anymore, neither your social status...

I have experienced it all. Right now I am at the phase of feeling unconditional love. All the tears I shed during the awakening serve as a motivator to me in helping others.

Know that everything happens for your own good

It is kinda hard to accept even the worst experiences happen for your own good, the programmed mind is not trained to see potential for spiritual growth, but only material gains. The soul knows everything, all is planned before incarnation here on planet Earth for its own growth. Learning through opposites is not something new. You have to experience low self esteem during the spiritual awakening so the soul can fully wake up and take over the ego.

Take long walks

Long walks help to distract your mind from daily illusions such as the pressure of bills, social status, career path, fake friends and politics. 

Go out in nature

Connection to nature is truly important for our well being. Its magic is healing, especially during the spiritual awakening. It is time to remember who you truly are, the true powers you have. Only nature can offer the silence your soul needs, the music it wants to hear.

Go out there and get lost, tune to its frequency.

Follow other spiritual people

Many others have entered the spiritual awakening before you and me. Their spiritual struggle is a great lesson which can become a great tool to build our true self. I remember many lightworkers helping me with their videos during the awakening; their words made me understand and heal. Feel free to give a read to my article on the spiritual people I follow. It will help.

Listen to your self

Been living for so many years under the control of the matrix, we have forgot our true essence. The outer forces decide on paths we should walk, paths that are against our true selves. If you listen to others so much, it is their thoughts which are going to get manifested in this dimension. Value yourself, love yourself and listen to it. 

Remember your true essence

We are souls living an experience as human beings. Every challenge you go through is a lesson, learn it so the Universe does not bring the same situations. Once you reach unconditional love, the journey becomes easier than before. I am there. Best feeling ever. And before being in here, I was crying about failure in college, the fact I am broke and unemployed. Now when I look back, I do understand all happened for a reason.

You are unconditional love. Only love is real. Everything else is just energy taking shapes.

Trust your higher self

During the spiritual awakening you are not alone. Guardian angels are in there to guide you and make sure you are doing fine. All the messages, sent through numbers, have a good purpose on your spiritual journey. 

Trust them.

Final thoughts

It is normal to feel worthless while entering the spiritual awakening, the experience is so new and so life changing, only those who are ready can handle. True worth comes from within, not from without.
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