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Monday, July 10, 2017

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How did I learn to love myself without conditions

Unconditional love is one of the life lessons I am really proud of. It did not come easy, but I am really happy for all that happened. When I look back at my life, everything has changed for better. The spiritual growth  I have experienced is worth the pain. 

What happened in my life that taught me how to love myself without conditions?

Self worth in the matrix is based on illusions

The society we live in right now defines our worth based on what we own, the social status we have or both. When part of the matrix the ego falls prey of such toxic patterns and so creates fake personalities that live fake lives. This kind of mind programming gives birth to low vibrations such as hate, jealousy and fear. It is understandable that when souls operate on such low frequencies toxic realities are being produced. 

People living in such dysfunctional environments develop karma which they clean through karmic transactions.  They attend universities just to get the diploma, dress for others, drive expensive cars just to impress the hood and even post stuff on Instagram like non stop.          

In short words, souls that have not yet broken chains of programming live their life in ways acceptable by the matrix so they can feel accepted. Same with the old me...

I was a nerd very passionate about maths. Being an excellent student in high school everyone was really cool to me. But everything changed when I...

Failed in college

No college no future they say...

At the time I went to college I experienced a false twinflame. Anyone who is familiar with the twinflame concept knows what I am talking about!

Basically a fake twinflame is a karmic attachment from hell. This type of connection is about karma cleaning. 

When I look back it feels like a game, but I went through so much pain I had to enter the Dark Night Of The Soul. The thing is that when I became a failure everybody started to reject me. Even my parents. I was being rejected by everyone and the love from the false twinflame was not coming back. All this contrast was necessary to experience as it taught me to accept and love myself without conditions.

Now that I love myself without conditions I do understand why they did it, so I forgive all of them.


No matter how dark your experiences may be, it is them that shape your soul. I do not regret failing in college. I do no regret meeting the false twinflame. I do not regret none of my experiences.

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