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Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Complete signs you are a lightworker chosen by God to help humanity evolve to a higher frequency

All my life I have been different from others. Everyone is... Some souls choose to incarnate on very dysfunctional environments to help the ones who are in total darkness, living a life based on fears. But one must be really strong to shine their light there where is only darkness as not only they are not going to be understood, but they are going to be viewed in a weird way for having a very high vibration.
Are you one of the chosen ones by God to help the human beings evolve to higher frequencies?
Here are some signs to know if you are part of the strong souls that have incarnated here on earth with the main mission to help humanity shift to the love vibration.

You have incarnated in a very dysfunctional environment

This is a clear sign and ones of the first you become aware of, when the spiritual awakening starts. The environment where you chose to come as a soul is run by fear. Everything is based on fear, creating so illusional realities and tricking people into believing this is the only way to live their experience in here.
Love is feared in here. When someone shows love to another being in a fear based environment, it is taken for weakness, as the only way to be strong in such a place is the ability to conduct fear.
In fact it is the power to generate and show love to others. But forgive them for being blind. You can not see when it gets dark, or can you?

You never want to hurt others

As a kid I always was about building and constructing stuff. All about order! All about creator energy! All about love! 
When I see weak people, I do not exploit their weak points. I try to help them. The main reason for this comes from the fact that I am a strong being. How weak do you have to be depend on the someone’s weakness?
Before the awakening happened I was not much aware about this dark side of the human beings. It was when so many people wanted to hurt me the moment I fell on rock bottom I started to see how much fear has been implemented in us.
If they want to hurt you it is because they have been hurt. They are not strong enough to heal and move on. And keep in mind that when you try to hurt another one, you hurt only yourself.

You show love all the time

Love comes from you naturally as you are a love source. Everyone finds your vibe really healing so you attract a lot of people around you. Many find weird the fact you are so supportive all the time to anyone who needs help going forward in chasing their true dreams. 

You help everyone but yourself

When one vibrates on higher frequencies, showing love to others is more than normal, it is love that helps to heal, grow and develop further. There are so many souls going through their own drama through this life experience, so much help is needed in healing, triggering a good person to do their maximum.
You do so much for others you forget about yourself. You want everyone to be happy, to vibrate high and keep that god smile on their face.

You feel like an outsider to this world

Outsider feelings are more than normal for a light worker. All the dysfunctional patterns the humanity is living on right now don’t make sense to you. Money based relationships, snake friends, power oriented people, corruption, evil based actions; all this makes you wanna through up!
For most of the people vibrating on the ego you seem to be the ‘fool’ one for living life on the love frequency; you don’t understand life they say...

You are an empath

Feeling the emotions of the others is one of your gifts. Your soul laughs when another being is happy, it sings when one smiles back. Problems may also come from feeling negative dramas of people in struggle as their pain makes you wanting to save them.
To be honest nobody can save them, but their self. Take it easy beautiful soul and start to feel less of others; feel more of you...

You are a true mirror

Not many souls can look you in your eyes as you reflect their negative intentions back like a mirror. This is a great spiritual gift God gave you to help yourself while struggling with negative beings.

You view matter as a form of energy for creating tools, not luxury

When going in the fifth dimension the soul understands only love is real. Everything else is just energy vibrating in a certain shape. To me, matter is put by God to create tools for better development of our human life in order to lessen the physical struggle which in low vibrational areas is eating people’s bones.  It is the frequency of love that makes one spend every thought for reversing the way of life.

You live in reverse mode

While everyone is hating each other, you are vibrating love. While everyone is trying to stab each other in their back, you forgive everyone. While everyone is thinking money, you are thinking in finding good ways to make the money. While everyone is trying to put someone down, you are helping them to get up!

The way a lightworker lives their life is a reversed one when compared to the one most of the people are living.

You are being misunderstood all the time

Because of operating from the higher vibration, most of the people can not get you. How can they when the templates are controlling their life while you are running your own? Not everyone is ready to receive the light codes universe is transmitting to you, so it is a good idea to be patient when dealing with low frequency beings on this third dimensional planet.

Forgive them for not understanding you as it is not their fault; it is the toxic programming which makes your stories look like fairy tales.

There is a deep feeling inside you have Divine Protection

The truth inside your soul has to be materialized at any cost. It is not only the soul wanting it, all the universe is creating the energy for it to manifest in the third dimension. 

Lighting up others is your job 

Love and happiness is your food. The more people you heal through your energy the better you feel. The more people you awake the better you feel. We are all together in this! For many it seems like a joke, but to me their third dimensional toxic jobs look like jokes.

Final thoughts

As a light worker you may find it really hard in here, but know that you are not alone. You have so many brothers and sisters from the whole world. There may be many others signs, but I think the ones I compiled are the most common ones for most of the spiritual workers I know and talk to on a daily basis.

Feel free to add me on my personal facebook profile for spiritual help. I would be happy to light your path.
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