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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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Signs you are updating to a very high frequency - Part 1

With the spiritual awakening comes a lot of toxic cleaning which results in a frequency update. As the low vibrations get removed, the way of living the life changes completely from illusions to the true one.

What are the signs that tell one is moving to a higher vibration?

Changes in music taste

Based on the fact that everything is energy which vibrates at a certain frequency, it makes sense to say people listen to the music which matches their inner energy. So a change in the inner vibration brings a new taste on music. Personally I used to listen to hard rap ( low vibration). As I was going through a lot of karma cleaning, hip hop was not resonating anymore with my soul so I started to listen to sensual vibes (higher vibration). The more my vibration was updating the more my taste on music was changing. 

Right now I listen to healing music which keeps a constant frequency.

You become friendless

It is the ego based programming which has total control of the friends you make, university you attend and the partner you want to share your life with. The spiritual journey is about connecting back to the true self. And to go there one has to delete many masks. All the masks!

As one starts to remove the masks, the mask based connections start to break, and so many friends are lost. There is nothing wrong with this. The energies do not match anymore.

No desire to watch TV

The update of the vibration creates a disconnection from the fake life for the true one to enter. The politics, the music, the shows transmitted through the television do not resonate with you anymore so the need for watching TV stops. 

3D books do not resonate with you anymore

As the view on life changes so does the desire on reading books. A higher frequency can never accept the message of books based on old templates. A love reality can never accept a toxic one. When reading toxic books it feels like reading nothing at all as the low vibrations which match the toxic words do not exist in your soul anymore.   

The toxic content does not have any more power over you!

Favorite places become strange

Did you like to go to certain places on the weekend? Suddenly you don't feel the need to go there anymore? It is normal! The new frequency does not match the old ones anymore...

Haters do not trigger you anymore

I have been always about my life. Never interfered in business of others. I used to get mad when haters talked about me. The moment I truly understood why haters hate I stopped getting angry. 

Entertaining hater's words gives them power over you...

True passions come out for development

It is the programmed society that pressures us to fall for doing things in our lives that don't really resonate. When the soul comes out to take over the ego, true passions rise up for further development.

Once the frequency is updated to a higher one, the pursue of true passions is done without fears. It does not matter anymore what the society say  to do in order for one to put food on the table.

Low vibrations no longer have control over you

Worry, anger, jealousy and other low vibrations are responsible for negative patterns in your life. Once you update to a very high frequency these vibrations do not exist in your soul anymore, resulting in a more positive life.

Money not important anymore

It was a hard period of my life where money became really important to me. The more you focus on the green paper the more power you lose from yourself and give to it. You think cash is the solution to every problem when the truth is that the real power is within you.

Once you reach a high frequency things start to manifest differently when compared to the third dimensional world. The beauty of the vibration update is that money does not make sense anymore.

Complete detachment from the third dimension reality

The third dimension reality is very dense. Once you update to a higher frequency it becomes easier for you to identify the low vibrations and realize in what kind of fake reality you were living.

Material stuff is not important anymore! 

Extreme increase of confidence

With the unconditional love of self comes high confidence. The higher vibrations take over the soul, leaving no space for habitation from the low ones. It is at this point one moves in life with high confidence as the full acceptance comes from within.

Huge karma cleaning

An update in frequency results always in less karma.Due to the low vibrations being cleaned a lot of toxic cleaning is done. The more toxic you clean the less karma remains.


These are the half of the common signs one goes through when experiencing a frequency update. The following is a video I made to explain stuff in a better way.

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