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Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Get rid of social conditioning and take control of your life

Social conditioning is one of the worst psychological pressures being applied to our society nowadays through the media, putting pressure on everyone, telling them how to live their lives. Most are too weak to handle this kind of pressure so they fall victims to the programming.

Suddenly everyone wants to get rich so they can afford a nice big home, a luxurious car and lots of cash money to spend shopping. And if they don't get their material fulfillment, happiness can not come... This is what they think due to the images of happiness from the television. 

Is it you controlling your life?

When conditioned it is the program that takes control of your life

When operating based on the conditions the human being is limited in what he or she can do with their life as it is the programming which gives the commands and not the soul. Since the instructions on what one should do so they can have a good life come from the outer world it is obvious that inner forces have to be stronger in order to break the matrix.

How many out there are strong enough to live their true life? Not many! Just like machines people are being programmed to function in specific ways. The fear of not being accepted creates space for deep development of the ego, which is responsible for fake realities. Not only that, but this fear controls where the energies are focused, creating so more social conditioning. More pressure!

It is not a surprise you are attending a university you don't truly like, working a job you hate everyday and living with someone you don't love. You know why? Because none of the choices you have made so far are yours...

It is shocking, isn't it? If it is then you are getting prepared to go through spiritual awakening which is the process that destroys all the fake life of the person who enters it.

So what do you plan to do? Continue the fake life or start step by step to build the true one?

You are living in a conditioned reality

The picture shown above decodes the fake reality you are experiencing. When a person is conditioned they go to point B only by passing through point A first. It is the ego that creates the blockages, making harder for the true self to go directly where it wants.

Detach from the fake self

You don't have a life unless you are living the true one! And for one to create the true life, you must do a lot of purging! The awakening helped me come at this point I am right now. What can do it for you?


The connection back to the true self is the key in creating the true reality. First, the fake self has to die! And for it to die, it is needed to get rid of the conditioning, toxic and karma. No more if conditionals, low vibrations and dreams about revenge!

Get rid of the conditions

It is the conditions you set to yourself that create a limited world. Not only your world is limited, but it is a fake and easily predicted one. It is boring! It is robotic! It is a big illusion!!! It makes you sad, gives a gray color to the face.

Be strong enough to follow the truth your soul is speaking to you, do not shut it down like you always did! Let it come out and it is going to lead to heaven!
If you want to chase a dream then go for it fully without the fear of being pressured while pursuing it. If you love someone then go and tell them without fearing rejection. If you want to be friend with someone then go and be. If you want to be an engineer then go and do engineering by yourself!

If you want to make cash money then go and make money...

Do as you truly feel in the moment. This is how you get rid of conditioning. The programming can not exist when you operate from the inner self, as you live in the moment. There is no past and no future when you live as a soul in the third dimension.

The time is now on everything that resonates with your soul purpose! 

Clean toxic and karma

I remember being lost in toxic patterns and karma. People who I thought loved me wanted to hurt me. And I wanted to hurt them back. But I did not realize back then that when you want to hurt another one you end up hurting yourself. So I was creating more karma. I was spending energy on negative patterns, to protect myself.

The more toxic I acted, the more toxic I attracted. Like attracts like. It is a universal law! When dealing with karmic transactions or toxic situations it is highly recommended that you stay inside yourself, so you do not fall for outer programming.

It is about getting rid of negative vibrations and growing spiritually, not about fighting. Only when you are able to love yourself without conditions you will understand the true power of how important it is to start and live for yourself.

And you start to feel the power of controlling the inner self

What used to trigger you does not trigger you anymore. You know why? Because the toxic that attracted the specific negative vibration is being purged now.  The karma is being cleaned. The outer powers do not have control of you anymore!

It is all about you now! About the true self taking its real power and manifesting the energy in the physical plane.
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