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Sunday, June 18, 2017

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Complete signs you have the Christ consciousness within you

The spirit of Christ lives in us! The following is a list of signs which show you have the Christ consciousness within you.

You are a fish against the flow

Most of the fishes go with the flow as they do not trust themselves enough to go against it. An alive one can not accept outer forces to take control of his life so he is all the time against the current. I have always stood up for righteous with all my soul; my whole journey has been a suffer!

When you protect the truth, the evil forces will constantly try to attack you as your light is a high risk for their power. Many people call me a fish all the time so they can hurt me, but what they don't realize is the fact they have no control over their life as it is the flow deciding for them...

You help others all the time

I have been all the time about unity! Unity is more important than anything to me! More important than flags... And because my soul is all about unity, sharing my bread with others is very normal. No matter how much money I have left, if someone is really in difficulties I help them. 

You prefer suffering rather than manipulation

Doing bad is easier than doing good in this world. We all know it! Being in a higher frequency makes you an easy target for manipulation. The love energy attracts them as they find really easy to manipulate it.

The ones with the Christ consciousness in them find it impossible to manipulate other people to accomplish their objectives. They prefer to suffer and be patient, believing that God has a purpose for everything. 

You love without conditions

Unconditional love is the key to happiness. It is when you love yourself without conditions you love others the same. The true love comes from within!

You suffer a lot

Everyone suffers in this life, but some suffer way more than others. The fish against the flow suffers the most as it is its mission to prove others wrong. I have been through hell for so many years now and I am coming back an angel.

It is the suffering that makes the soul grow through the different lessons.

Soul over material

The material world is not important to you like others. All the connections you want have to be based on soul, not on material gains. It is all about that purity!

You forgive others easily

Many people have wronged me in the past. Most of them took my good heart for weakness so they exploited me for their own interest. Not only I did not want to hurt them back, but I forgave them as I love myself too much to get lost in karma.

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